Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Free monthly Art and Culture tour in Hongdae, Seoul

I found this notice in the May edition of Art Map -
Seoul art & culture project with Sangsangmadang:
"Recovering Hongdae".
Date: April - October 2008, the 4th Sunday of each month. 1.30 - 5 pm.
This program is a cultural tour through items of interest in Hongdae. "Recovering Hongdae" with Sansangmadang and SFAC occurs once a month with 20 members for free who applied through the Sangsang madang website. www.sangsangmadang.com

The 4th Sunday of this month is May 25, and in June it would be on June 22. The Sangsangmadang is a swish new arts centre with cinema, gallery, theatre etc located in the Hongdae area, in Seoul. The website is all in Korean so you might need a Korean friend to help get you on the tour list. I'm not quite sure what Hongdae is supposed to be "recovering" from (maybe that's a mistranslation and it should be "re-discovering Hongdae"?) , but sounds like a good way of sticking your nose into the Korean art scene.
Web page info: Culture Planet sangsangmadang

**STOP PRESS: Email from the organisers received May 21. 2008:
"Rediscovering Hongdae" is currently being operated only in Korean as participants are mainly natives at the moment.

However, from September or October, we are planning to prepare exclusive programs for foreign participants proceeded in English.
For this month May) , we have closed the application process, and as present programs in Korean might be inconvenient for you, I would recommend you to take part in the exclusive program that, as I mentioned above runs in English expected to start in September.
However, if you want to try to join this month’s program, please feel free to contact me again. (E-mail : na@ssmadang.co.kr)

I will happily set it up for your convenience.
최하나 매니저 / 상상마당, 마케팅팀
Choi, Ha-na / PR&Marketing / Manager
Tel. 82 2 330 6206 / Fax. 82 2 330 6220 / Mobile. 82 10 9864 0915
Tel: 02-330-6206

Here's a map of the Hongdae area - click on it to see more detail:

The author of this blog, Penelope Thompson, is an Australian contemporary artist living in Korea who works in performance, installation and community art events. You can see her personal exhibition blog at penelopethompson.blogspot.com.

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