Sunday, December 7, 2008

"I am an artist" Young Korean artists 2008, National Museum of Contemporary Art -til March 8, 2009

I Am An Artist
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
Through March 8, 2009
Entry fee: 3000 won

The Young Korean Artists 2008 exhibit features works by promising artists such as Sang Seok-ho, Kim Si-won, Wee Young-il, Lee Jae-hoon and Che One-joon.

Challenging and inspiring - it's worth the trip down to Seoul Grand Park to see this mixed media show. Especially noteworthy is the powerful installation and painting work of female Korean artist, Safranski Mackerel. (see image below)

Also showing until Dec 7, is a retrospective exhibition by famous Korean painter - Son Sangki.

For more information visit or call (02) 2188-600002. The National Museum of Contemporary Art is located near Seoul Grand Park (Subway Line 4). For those who don't want to walk through the Grand Park to the Art Museum there is a shuttle bus every 20 mins from Exit 4 of the Seoul Grand Park subway.

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