Tuesday, December 2, 2008

MEDIA PRISM - Digital Media Design Graduation Exhibition, Dec 1 - 5, 2008, Bundang.

The graduation exhibition for Hongik University College of Design and Arts is being held at Korea Design Center at Bundang (Gyeonggi - 분당).
It's located near Yaktop station (subway, Bundang yellow line) - near Sungnam bus terminal. It's about 40 mins from Seoul downtown.

If you're interested in media art, communication design, installation etc. you can visit the website where you can see photos of all the student works. http://m-prism.com/
The website is in Korean (3 students did it as a graduation project) but, main navigation points are in English. Just click to close the pop-up poster on the first page to reveal the entry portal.

The exhibition is open everyday Monday Dec 1 to Friday Dec 5. until 10 pm except Friday. The exhibition finishes on Friday so it will be closed early around 4 pm on Friday Dec 5.

Click the map below to enlarge:
Korea Design Center, Bundang

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