Thursday, September 24, 2009

Irish music concert in Soul Underground, Hongdae, Seoul, Sat, Sept 26, 2009

♣ First Irish Session in Cafe Soul Underground

"What is an irish session?"

In Ireland there is a great tradition of music. One very important aspects of irish life is getting together with traditional irish instruments and playing tunes. This generally happens in a pub. Therefore on the 26th of September we are having a great irish session in Soul Underground. Don't miss this event!

★ Details for the event are below_

What : First Irish Session in Soul Underground
Where : Cafe Soul Underground in Hongdae
When : September 26th, 7:30pm-0:00am


Performers at this concert are_

Myvanwy Birds : Bodhran(Irish Percussion), Singer
Patrisha Jones : Accordion
Kerry Javorka : Violin, Singer
Ethan James : Flutes
Chester : Violin, Singer
Hae-Young : Violin

→ Directions to Soul Underground

- Soul Underground is located within one minute's walking distance from exit 4 of Hongdae subway station.
You can see the Seven Springs restaurant-building when you go out of exit 4. Soul Underground is in a building right next to Seven Springs. The buildng consists of 3 stories. 1st is Pasta restaurant called Pavarotti. 2nd floor is a guitar custom shop called MD. 3rd is SOUL UNDERGROUND.
(Phone : 010 2363 3720 / 070 7672 3720)

†Soul Underground is basically a cafe & bar. And it can be whatever you want it to be.
Soul Underground is also a place with live performances by underground independent artists from all around.
Local musicians mainly in Hongdae perform here regularly or impromptu.

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