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Korea Experimental Arts Festival, Hongdae, Seoul, Sept 9 - 13, 2009

What: Korea Experimental Arts Festival
When: Sept 9 - 13, 2009
Where: various venues in Hongdae, Seoul
Cost: free - 20,000 won depending on event

The purpose of the Korea Experimental Arts Festival is to build a communication between audiences and experimental arts. This festival has happened every year since 2002 under the art direction of Kim Baek Ki who is performance artist and chief of KoPAS (Korea Performance Art Spirit). This is the biggest experimental art festival in Korea.

The KEAF brings together over 100 artists from 15 countries such as Japan, Korea, Estonia, Sweden, Australia, USA, Africa.
See website for list of participating artists:
Works including performance art, video, installation experimental music and dance, and many multidisciplinary creations in a variety of venues such as clubs, rooftops, streets, galleries etc.

In brief: Penny's performances are as follows (note all my performances are audience interactive!):
Friday Sept 11 - 7pm- 9pm - Theater Zero (Near Children's Park)- Penny Thompson presents "Spirality" - interactive spiral walk with lights , plus many other performances. Cost 20,000 won for 2 hour show.

Saturday Sept 12 - 2 – 3:30 pm / on the top of Seokyo Art Center. Penny Thompson presents "Bubble Bubble" - a fun interactive performance blowing hundreds of bubbles over the rooftops of Seoul. Will be filmed by Arirang TV. Cost: free.

Sunday Sept 13 in Club O-Baek (500) (Sangsu Station side of Hongdae) - starts at 9.30pm - our performance 10.30pm - Circular Sound Circus team presents "K-CHAK! Indonesian-based vocal percussion". Audience participation a must! Variety of music, percussion , dance etc. Cost: free. Closing party for Festival afterwards.

bye Penny

Event: Messenger of a spirit (theater performances)
When/where: Sept 9th – 13th, 2009 / 7 – 9 pm / Theater Zero
fee: 20,000 won for the general / 15,000 won for the students/Free ticket 50,000 won(for Free enter all event)
People that participate: Sept 9th Yang Qing from China, Melodie Duchesne form France, Noangrata from Estonia, Lee Seong Chul from Korea, Lee Jeh Min from Korea – magic performance

Sept 10th: Velvet Pesu from Australia, Sato Yukie from Japan, Hujieda Mishimaru(+Hagihara Sadayuki, Uchujiu Ochau) from Japan, Noangrata from Estonia, Kim Chung from Korea

Sept 11th: Cynthia Norton from USA, Penelope Thompson from Australia, Oikado Ichiro from Japan, Tichawona Mashauwa from Zimbabwe, Kim Suk Hwan from Korea

Sept 12th: Theodor Di Ricco from Germany, Paivi Maunu from Filand, Morgan Schagerber from Norway, Julie Jaffrennou from French, Sakamoto from Japan, Park Chang Su from Korea - music

Sept 13th: Auseklic Usins from Latvia, Eshe from Canada, Angela Kroherts & Scott Goof from USA, Rachel Hoffman from USA, Junk Band from Korea
Content: In the Theater where is suit for a place that the essential message of an artist may be delivered, you may catch the intention of an artist very well and it can give you various art forms as a messenger that talk with the ‘spirit’.


Event: Asphalt art (outdoor performance)
When/where Sept 9th – 11th / 3 – 5 pm / play ground and Hongdae area
Writers that participate in Sept 9th Art parade – The whole performers are attending
Auseklic Usins – 1 from Latvia, Velvet Pesu from Australia, Oikado Ichiro from Japan, Hujieda Mishimaru from Japan, Sato Yukie from Japan, Vaqi from Korea, Dulsori from Korea, Kim Chung from Korea
Sept 10th Theodor Di Ricco from Germany, Tichawona Mashauwa from Zimbabwe, Kwon Su Im from Korea, VAP from Korea.
Sept 11th Nongrata from Estonia, Morgan Schagerber from Norway, Hoirodo from Korea, Bulgasahri from Korea
content Outdoors performance and happening that take place in Hongdae area.
There will be some interactive performances with the audience,
Performance of various genre will be described as the clash and harmony of the art expression and as the work gone through the dissection.
If a shallow environment is compared to ‘asphalt’, the abundant imagination and energy of an artist is compared to the mysterious energy that make a flower bloom on the hard asphalt.


Event: The roof performance (outdoor performance)
Where/when Sept 12th – 13th / 2 – 3:30 pm / on the top of Seokyo Art Center

Artists that participate in Sept 12th: Rachel Hoffman from USA, Penelope Thompson from Australia, melodie duchesne from France,
Sept 13th: Paivi Maunu from Finland, Tajé Tross from Estonia, Cynthia Norton from USA, Lee So Young from Korea
content The beauty of a blank that can sympathize the nature in the sky as the background is invited into the creature.
The art city people take the unuseful things less from the horizontal environment and they take it easy creating new art.
This is the definition that gives us a message that puts the top and the bottom of the world together.


Event: Underground art
When/where Sept 9th – 13th / 9:30 – 10:30 pm / club, café, subway, underground road
Artists that participate

Sept 9th at Ohbaekmahnwon (club): Dulsori(percussion), Hujieda Mishimaru from Japan, Sato Yukiea from Japan, Michael Joaley from USA, Tichawona Mashaua from Zimbabwe

Sept 10th in Myungwulgwan (club): Rachel Hoffman from USA, Paivi Maunu from Filand, Yang Qing from China, Auseklic Usins from Latvia, Bulgasahri from Korea

Sept 11th in Ohbaekmahnwon (club): Oikado Ichiro from Japan, Tajé Tross from Estonia, Bloom from USA + Lee Han Joo Korea Band from Korea, Lee Hwa from Korea

Sept 12th in OI (cafe): Cynthia Norton from USA, Kim Gwang Suk from Korea, Velvet Pesu from Austrailia, Julie Jaffrennou from France, Mélodie Duchesne from France

Sept 13th in Ohbaekmahnwon (club) - Yadahnbubsuk (percussion), Eshe from Canada, 'Circular Sound Circus' - Penelope Thompson (Australia) + Ripley (Jupiter), Frank Lev (USA), Lacey Dumler (USA), Candida Pagan from Canada

Sept 9 - 13 - Ahn Young Tae – underground sidewalk
content: Amuse spaces such as underground clubs, underground sidewalk, underground gallery are where people have a mania for Hongdae.
Underground art – Experimental art make ‘underground (which could be a deep spot)’ the most artistic place and in there, the audience and artists interact in the creature.
And when they get excited participating in another world, ‘They (mass art)’ is created at the same time.
In Chunggi and on the gas station crossroads underground sidewalk, the writer stay there for four nights and five days performing some work on the wall.


Event: The world’s experimental art expo
When/where Sept 4th – 13th / 10 am – 8 pm / Seokyo experimental art center 1st floor, basement
content - photographs, videos, scientific materiasl, catalogs from each country’s artists will be on display.
- rare materials that are recommended by each country’s artists will be on display.
- videos made by the world’s famous video artists will be played.
- the view point from each country’s directors (critics) will be on display.
Writer, Shin Jin Sik’s world’s experimental creature video


Event: Banner photographs exhibition
When/where Sept 4th – 13th / whenever / Hongdae area st
content Creatures from each country’s artists that participate in 2009 Korea experimental art festival will be on display on the street during the art festival period.
The street will be regarded as a canvas and the lively creatures will represent the art city that never fall asleep for 9 nights 10 days and 240 hours

Event: Cinema salon
When/where Sept 9th – 13th / 4 – 6 pm / Café Godard
content This is a cinema in Art city. various independent movies, a message about ‘ Peace’ by Shin Young Chul will be played with ‘Art city news’ which you can learn about art city before the show begins.
Event: e –生生 (e - Live) Book
When/where Sept 9th – 13th / whenever / 2009 KEAF website / Seokyo experimental art center viewer
content Photographs, videos, texts that were recorded during the festival period will be open to the public through the website.
Art city may be supported by the public through the website which has no limits of the distance and for 24 hours it creates an image as a lively city and functions as e-book.


Event: Seminar – creating art city project
When/where Sept 13th / 3 – 6 pm / Seokyo experimental art center
content ① God of the world’s experimental art Renaissance zone : in front of Hongdae (Kim baekki)
② responsibility of art space in Seoul city and public art (Kim Yoon Hwan)
③ The world’s culture city design and experimental public art (Kim Seoung Ho)


Event: Free to join – Performance art incubating
When/where Sept 12th (sat) – 13th (sun) / 4 – 6 pm / Expressing Gallery Yogiga
content This is a program which a host introduces the creative performances to the audience and helps the creative performance develop by asking and answering about the performance and the artist.
host Moon Jae Seon (Performance Artist)
A SORO representive.
He’s a performance writer who has been working hard from early in 1990s, he does the performance, bringing out the beauty of slow.
Now he is working on the media and sound, also he is giving a lesson about performance and workshop.


Event: Having a honest talk while you are drunk.
When/where Sept 9th – 13th, 2009 / 10:30pm – till you pass out / Clubs
(Club Myungwulgwan, OI, Club Ohbaek)
People that participate in About 100 Audience and staff including 40 – 50 artists each day
content This is a after party which Korean writers and writers from other countries can interct, getting along.
It will be held everyday when the last performance is end.
Audience may also join and share a view of a writer in an atmosphere of freedom, drinking and partying.

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CINEMA and E-Book

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