Friday, October 30, 2009

Interactive improvised concert - Yogiga gallery, Hongdae, Nov. 14, 2009

What: Spin the Bottle.
Where: Yogiga Gallery, Hongdae
When: Nov 14, 2009 - 6pm

Description: Experimental music event
Like the junior high kissing game, but with people playing music
instead of making out - though smooching will not be prohibited.

Everyone will sit in a circle and spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle
lands on, that will be who you will jam with for the next 5 minutes.
Just pick up an instrument and go for it! It could be terrible or it
could be awesome.

Yogiga will provide many different kinds of instruments: guitars,
drums, accordion, out of tune piano, PA, amps, various others; but
people are encouraged to bring their own instruments to add to the

This show will be recorded and the best of the jams will be released
on either cassette tape or cd-r. Participants will receive a free

This is not an opportunity to find some people to jam on that folk-pop
song you have been working on. This is purely for improvisation and
spontaneity. Everyone is urged to play an instrument with which they
are uncomfortable or unfamiliar and see what new sounds they can

This will not be a reoccurring event, so don't be shy and come on down
to Yogiga Gallery.

There will be booze at this.

Getting there:
Nearest subway: Line 2 green or Line 6 brown - Hapjeong station, exit 6. Walk up the main road towards Sangsu station. take the second left. Yogiga is in a basement not far from the family Mart. see map.

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