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2009 Incheon Women Artist's Biennale - Aug 1 - 31, 2009

Opening day: Sat, August 1- opening performances 10 am - 5pm. Opening Ceremony 5 pm. Tour of exhibition 6pm - 8pm.
Cost: One day pass is 7,000 won for adults, 5,000 won for students (13-18 years old) and 2,000 won for children (4-12 years old).
Times: The biennale is open everyday Aug 1 - 31 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Daily docent tours are held at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Website: Visit (Korean, English). Full program in English available plus maps, transport details, artist details etc.

Directions: To get to Incheon Art Platform, get off Incheon Station Subway Line 1. Cross the street, and you'll see signs for Jung-gu District Office. Walk for 5 minutes, and you'll find the Incheon Art Platform, located opposite the Jungbu Police Station.

Article from Korea Times:
For the entire month of August, Incheon is the site for a unique contemporary art biennale that shines the spotlight on women artists. Nearly 300 artists from 40 countries are participating in the second Incheon Women Artists' Biennale (IWAB), which opens Saturday.

It is only timely and relevant to have a contemporary art biennale focusing on women artists. The international art world has always been criticized for being sexist and male-dominated, and Korea is no exception.

Yang Eun-hee, commissioner of the Main Exhibition at the biennale, said there is a big disparity between the number of male and female artists shown in art institutions and museums in Korea.

``In the Korean art world, the museums' major collections have less than 20 percent, or even 10 percent, of artworks by female artists,'' Yang told The Korea Times. ``I also did some research at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Gwacheon. For their new acquisitions in 2007, only 11 percent were women artists. It's very low.''

Even major contemporary art biennales around the world are traditionally seen as male-dominated events. This is one of the reasons that spurred the creation of the Incheon Women Artists Biennale.

``Other biennales in the world tend to be led by male artists. Our uniqueness is we focus on women artists and their works. It's a challenge for us. We want to overcome the male dominated art world, and that's one of the reasons why we created the biennale,'' said Kwon Kyung-ae, president of the biennale organizing committee.

While the IWAB also invites male artists to participate, the biennale is focused on promoting women artists' works and acting as a bridge between the local and international art communities.

The biennale's roots can be traced to the Incheon Women Artists Association, which held annual exhibitions for its members since the 1980s. The first biennale opened in 2004, and its success led to its first-ever international version in 2007. It was established ``out of the belief that femininity could be a catalyst for communication between different genders which would bring about a more accelerated parity in an equally-beneficial society.''

Main Exhibitions

Since it is fairly new compared to the biennales in Gwangju and Busan, organizers admitted their budget is significantly smaller. ``Our budget is only 10 percent of the Gwangju Biennale's budget. We're definitely comparable to those biennales in terms of ideas, but not with the budget,'' Yang said.

This year's biennale is divided into three sections, each dealing with various issues confronting the art world, particularly women artists, today. The Main Exhibition and Participation Exhibition both feature only women artists, although the latter only includes Korean artists.

With the theme ``So Close Yet So Far Away,'' the Main Exhibition explores women artists' ``understanding and perception of space, where they reside, struggle and strive to realize their dreams.''

The Main Exhibition features works by 101 artists from 26 countries, including feminist artists Judy Chicago and Faith Ringgold. Chicago will be showing drawings of her controversial ``Dinner Party'' installation, which featured place settings for famous historical and mythical women like Sappho and Virginia Woolf.

``Somehow the biennale needs to be connected to the global audience and other feminist artists in the world. I think the goal of feminism is still being reached. … I would call this biennale as the first cooperative effort to build a sustainable institution in terms of women's art. To sustain this community in Korea, you need to build a network with the other areas,'' Yang said.

21st Century for Women

Women will lead the future. The title of the Tuning Exhibition says it all ``The 21st Century, The Feminine Century, and the Century of Diversity and Hope.''

Han Heng-gil, chairman of the operating committee of the exhibition, says the project envisions the 21st century as ``feminine, diverse and free of any political, racial or sexual oppression.''

``We are living in a time when there is no need to talk about improvement of women's status or equality. We are already there. Back in '60s and '70s, women perhaps struggled to gain independence and political and social power. During the past 40 years, that has shifted and Hillary Clinton came close to the U.S. presidency. The question now is not whether or not women's status has to be improved but the question is now that you are empowered, what are you going to do,'' Han told The Korea Times.

Both male and female artists will tackle these questions through their art. There are paintings, installations, multimedia pieces, animation, catalogs, text, films, performances and discussions, as well as ceramics and calligraphy, which are both often overlooked by the contemporary art scene.

Various performances will be staged on opening day, such as the hilarious critical satire by an all-female band of artists called DISBAND (1-5 p.m.) and Hong-kai Wang's ``Accept Me for What I Am If You Want Me'' (10-11 a.m.).

While it may seem counterproductive to invite male artists to a women artists' biennale, organizers believe that bringing together artists of both gender will produce a vibrant artistic dialogue.

New York-based artist Ma Jong-il, who created a huge bamboo installation at the Incheon Art Platform, says there should be no distinction between male and female artists.

``When we had a press meeting in New York, one of the artists said, `there are no female or male artists here.' Basically I don't care. Males and females, when they concentrate on developing their own way, eventually there is going to be harmony,'' he said.

Diverse Art on Display

The biennale art works will not just be seen at the main venue Incheon Art Platform, but also at historical landmarks like Incheon Korean-Chinese Cultural Center, Freedom Park, Incheon Weather Station, Incheon City Historical Data Office, Jemulpo Club, Incheon Educational and Cultural Center for Students, and the Paradise and Harbor Park Hotels.

``We are putting art in the public realm. We wanted to bring art to the daily life of people. As you know, Korean people don't care much about art, especially contemporary art. So if they don't come, you should go out to them and engage them,'' Han said.

One of the attention-grabbing works is New York-based artist Lee Chang-jin's indoor and outdoor mixed media installation ``Comfort Women Wanted.'' It references the thousands of young women forced into sex slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.

One billboard shows a photograph of a young Taiwanese comfort woman at the comfort station by a Japanese soldier, surrounded with gold leaf, usually used in honoring saints. It is flanked by two billboards showing just a silhouette of an old woman standing inside her house.

``Korea is where the `comfort women' movement started, and this Biennale is the perfect site to present an artwork which acknowledges these outspoken and courageous women survivors. By creating international awareness of these women and their place in history I hope we can prevent this kind of unspeakable crime against humanity ever happening again anywhere,'' Lee said.

Kim Eun-hyung, who is also based in New York, made a large-scale wall drawing ``Storyteller'' inside the Incheon Art Platform building. He gathered images from his everyday life, memories and pop culture to show how simple but bizarre life is.

Kim said his works delve into questions of personal identity, which can be expanded to male and female identity. ``The women artists' biennale is not only about feminism. I think for our part, we can show some harmony between man and woman. I want this to transcend sexuality, but be something that relates to human beings,'' Kim said.

Japanese artist ON Megumi Akiyoshi painted a colorful cloud of flowers on the glass facade of a building at the Incheon Art Platform. Aside from her painting, she will also wear a brightly colored costume for her ``ON Flower Gallery'' performance on Saturday.

Akiyoshi said she was intrigued when she first read about the IWAB, even though she's not crazy about the feminist movement.

``But I believe in yin and yang. Yin is female, yang is male. The relationship is always moving and changing. Like in Japan, right now only males can be emperors, but a long time ago, there was female emperor. So when I heard about this women's biennale, I thought yes, it is changing. I'm not trying to be more powerful than males, but it is just a natural movement. I'm very happy there's a women's biennale confidently talking about it, and I'm a part of it,'' she said.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bucheon International Performance Art Festival 2009 (BIPAF), Sat/Sun Aug 1-2

What: Bucheon International Performance Art Festival 2009, this Saturday/Sunday August 1-2, 2009.
Time: from 3pm - 6pm.
Free entry.
Description: A range of international and Korean performance artists, musicians etc. presenting experimental works.
Location: Subway Line 1, Bucheon Station (Bucheon Station Event Hall), between the subway exit and the shopping center.

Come, support and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

14th Seoul Sightseeing Photo Festival - Aug 1, 2009

14th Seoul Sightseeing Photo Festival - Foreigner Photo Academy

The Seoul Metropolitan Government holds the 14thSeoul Sightseeing Photo Contest 2009 to promote the beauty and excellence of the “Creative, Cultural City, Seoul” to all over the world.

■ Instruction
- Schedule : 1 August, 2009 (Sat) 11Am~ 4pm
- Content : The cultural experience around Hongik Univ and Sam chung dong in Seoul

■ Requirement : Take a Individual Camera with you.
(It doesn't matter whether you have a camera or not, but you'd better bring yours for efficiency.)

■ Volume of recruitment : Forty persons
■ application : Fill in the below form and send it to this email address.
channel for application (Where did you find this event information?)

■ Auspice : Seoul, Republic of Korea / Management : Etooexpo Co.,Ltd

■ Sponsor : Daum, Monthly photonet, KT&G Sangsangmadang, Scopi
※ The academy is open to everyone and there is no application fee.

■ Inquiry : Seoul Sightseeing Photo Festival Executive Office
Tel) 02.333.6230, E-mail)

Looking forward to meeting you on 1 August, 2009 (Sat)

Again, if you have any question, please e-mail.

Thank you very much

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fernando Botero exhibition - National Museum of Contemporary Art, Deoksu Palace, Seoul til Sept 17, 2009

What: Exhibition of Colombian artist Fernando Botero's paintings and sculptures

Where: National Museum of Contemporary Art, Deoksu Palace, Seoul.


Born 1932 in Medellin, Botero gained fame for his distinctive and vivid artworks portraying Latin American life, and is widely considered one of the living masters of modern art.
On display inside the museum are 89 paintings from Botero's personal collection. Three large bronze sculptures, "Cat," "Seated Woman," and "Reclining Woman" can be found around the Deoksu Palace grounds.

Divided into seven sections, the exhibition shows the diversity and depth of Botero's works throughout the decades, from still lifes to his latest "Circus" series.

Famous paintings by masters like Rubens, Velasquez, Cezanne, and Picasso are given a Botero-esque twist. Botero reinterpreted famous pieces like Goya's "Duchess of Osuna,'' Rubens' "Peter Rubens and Isabella Brandt,'' and Velasquez' "Infanta Margarita Teresa of Spain in White Dress.''

His works depicting Latin American people, culture and everyday life are dripping with affection and warmth. Many of the paintings are based on Botero's memories of growing up in Colombia, hence the scenes of families at home, dancing, bull fighting, and streets and landscapes with Spanish colonial era structures.

Admission is 10,000 won for adults to 4,000 won for children. The museum is closed on Mondays. To get there, get off at City Hall station, line 1 or 2, exit 1 or 2. Call (02) 368-1414 or visit

To complement the Botero exhibition, a series of lectures on Latin American art, literature and music will be held at 6:30 p.m., July 16, 23 and 30 and Aug. 6, 13 and 20 at Heungkuk Life Insurance building, Gwanghwamun. Latin American films such as "Motorcycle Diaries," "Buena Vista Social Club," "City of God," and "Pan's Labyrinth" will be screened at Cine Cube, Aug. 6-12. Visit

Borderless generation - Contemporary Art of Latin America, KFCC, til Aug 8, 2009

Borderless Generation: Contemporary Art of Latin America

Period: July 17 - August 8, 2009
Hours: 10:00 - 21:00 (until 18:00 on Saturdays)
Venue: KFCC Galleries
Supporters: Latin American and Caribbean Embassies
Entrance Fee: Free

Description: Contemporary art exhibition showing a wide range of media such as sound installation, photographs, new media, paintings etc.
Gallery guide is scheduled to be held every Wednesday and Saturday at 15:00 during the exhibition period.

The KF Cultural Center is open from 10:00 to 21:00 Monday through Saturday (Saturday until 18:00) and closed on Sundays and national holidays. Admission is free. For further information, please contact the KF Cultural Center at 02-2151-6520, 6514. (yes, they speak English)
See website:
Location:KFCC, Joong Ang Ilbo newspaper Building, near City Hall, Seoul.
Getting there: Close to City Hall subway. Take Exit 9, walk 5 mins. to Joong Ang Ilbo newspaper Building on your left

Latin American FIlm Festival (free), KFCC, Seoul until Aug 1

There's a free Latin American film festival on at the Korea Foundation Cultural Center from now until August 1.
Check the website for film schedule:
Most movies are subtitled in English (no screenings on Sundays)

Location: Korean Foundation Cultural center, JoongAng Ilbo newspaper building, near City Hall, Seoul.
Nearest subway: City Hall station. Exit 9, walk 5 mins to the JoongAng Ilbo newspaper building on your left.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Start Time: Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 8:00pm - midnight
Street: Gangnam-gu Nonhyeon-dong 97-22
City/Town: Seoul, South Korea

Phone: 02-34471191

moderat is a collaboration of three successful projects that joined forces to create a new audiovisual experience. on the audio side modeselektor and apparat (hence the name, moderat) put a lot of efforts into developing a unique sound. they rented studio space at the legendary berlin hansa studios (where david bowie recorded 'heroes') in order to record the album in analog with the help of the studio's vintage tube technology and an old emi console from 1972, restored especially for moderat. they even hired joshua kit clayton, an american software designer, to program a superb reverb algorithm specifically for the recording process of the album. They also bought an emt model 140 plate reverb on an internet auction and had to travel to los angeles to pick it up. for the album they worked together with rapper busdriver from los angeles, delle (aka eased) from germany's top act seeed and paul st. hilaire.

on the visual side one of berlin's first and finest vj crews, pfadfinderei, provided some exclusive visual material. in contrary to their fast club-based fast paced style they created a whole new visual experience through decelerated images. moderat was one of the main acts on this year's sonar festival in barcelona and tour worldwide with their show.

box office price on site: 40,000 KRW (1 free drink)
presale ticket price is: 35,000 KRW
*to order presale tickets, please transfer the amount first to the following bank account given below. then please send us your name, contact number, date of transfer per email to
bank account: hanabank, account no. 206-910015-87604, account holder: ㈜플래툰 - PLATOON

for further information, please contact PLATOON KUNSTHALLE
tel.: 02-3447-1191~7

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

13th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, July 16 - 26

13th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival
Great Films for Those Looking for Something Different

The 13th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, to be held in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do on July 16---26, is one of Korea's top film festivals, and certainly its most unique. Dedicated to all fans of fantastic films, animation, cartoons and computer games around the world, this year's festival is a defiant celebration of previously niche-confined fantastic genres that are now enjoying new leases on life.

PiFan is also capitalizing on its thirteenth anniversary to place this normally ominous number in a new light, recognizing the exciting and creative energy it has inspired. Film lovers can look forward to a more spectacular lineup of new works, special exhibitions and retrospectives than ever before. Admission depends on program. For more information, call (032) 345-6313~4 or visit Getting there: Songnae Station, Line 1, Exit 2.

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Seoul Art Collective photography exhibition - 11 - 23 July, Door Gallery, Hongdae

Seoul Art Collective Presents


New Photography : Dream


The DOOR Gallery
Hongdae, Seoul

121-818 서울 마포구 동교동 177-22

Tel: 010-9441-9335

‘Pilot Light’ explores photography that recalls memories from one’s past, negates time and space and transports individuals into a world all of their own. When perception elicits a spontaneous reaction; a dream, a taste, a sound, a smell… there we find the intangible realm of memory. The photographic works question what it is that draws the past back into us, and the boundaries between memory and imagination.

Pilot Light 전시회에 노출된 사진들은 우리의 감각이 꿈이나 맛이나 소리 또는 향기로부터 자연스럽게 반응할 때와 같은 추억들을 상기시킨다. 이 사진들은 우리에게 추억을 묻고 또 추억과 상상의 차이점을 묻는다.

Derek Winchester


Kyung min

Laine Alexander


Tommy Roscoe

Travis Lee Street

Young jin

Friday, July 3, 2009

Art Exhibitions for Seoul and surrounds - from July 2009

Art Exhibitions from July onwards (Source: Korea Times, June 26, 2009)

Earth Alert: A Photographic Response to Climate Change
Daelim Museum
Through Aug. 23
Climate change is a serious threat, and this photography exhibition encourages visitors to think about their own personal impact on the environment and how they can reduce their carbon footprint. On display are 100 photos by 13 British and Korean professional photographers that show the impact of climate change around the world.
Entry: 4000 won
Hours: 10:00 am~6:00 pm (closed Mondays)
Address: Daelim Contemporary Art Museum 35-1 Tongy-Dong Chongro-Go Seoul, 110-040 Korea
Tel: 82-2-720-0667
Directions: use subway.
Number 3 line to Kyongbokgung station and take exit number 4. Follow the orange sign board in the street.
URL (good English pages):

Heo Wook Solo Exhibition
Gallery LVS
Through July 11
Gallery LVS is hosting Heo Wook's solo exhibition. Heo's works look like colorful jigsaw puzzles. Call (02) 3443-7475.

Hans Heinsbroek
July 7-21
Raemian Gallery
The Embassy of the Netherlands is holding an exhibition of paintings by Hans Heinsbroek in Raemian Gallery. It is located near Changdeok Palace. Get off at Anguk station, line 3, exit 4. Call (02) 765-3304.

The Between
Urban Art
July 1-20
A group exhibition of works by Korean and foreign artists such as Kwon Ki-soo, Kim Jun and Patricia Tobacco Forrester is being held at Urban Art. Call (02) 511-2931 or visit

My Heart’s Jewelry Box
Gallery Ssamzie
Through July 5
Moon Chang-bae is showcasing his glistening seascapes at a solo exhibition at Gallery Ssamzie, located on the basement of Ssamzie Gil in Insa-dong. Visit

Kim Young-kyun Exhibition
UM Gallery
Through July 4
Kim Young-kyun is holding his third solo exhibition at UM Gallery. Visit

Shared Illusion
Cais Gallery
Through July 17
Cais Gallery is hosting an exhibition of works by Yi Hwan-kwon. Visit or call (02) 511-0668.

Love Me Tender
Opera Gallery
Through July 7
French sculptor Marie Madeleine Gautier makes smooth bronze sculptures of females with small heads and exaggerated hips and legs. Vietnam-born, Paris-based Kelyne creates paintings that effortlessly combine Western and Eastern cultures. Email or call (02) 3446-0070.

Dissonant Visions
Seoul Museum of Art
Through Aug. 30
The Seoul Museum of Art opens its new exhibition featuring 21 Korean artists with a reception June 23. Visit or call (02) 2124-8800.

The Museum of Photography, Seoul
Through July 25
Photographer Joo Myung-duck loves beautiful roses, and it shows through his works. At the age of 70, Joo says that showing these photographs of roses is like revealing a part of his life. Call (02) 418-1316.

Frozen Flowers II
Posco Art Museum
Through July 9
Artist Hong Ju-young takes photographs of beautiful flowers that have been frozen. These flowers have undergone a condensing process, capturing their beauty in ice. Posco Art Museum is at the second floor of Posco Center, Daechi-dong, Gangnam. Call (02) 3457-1667.

Based on a True Story
Michael Schultz Gallery Seoul
Through July 31
Roemer & Roemer is having an exhibition at Michael Schultz Gallery, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam. Visit

Julian Schnabel Print Exhibition
Watergate Gallery Seoul
Through July 10
Around 39 prints made by renowned American artist Julian Schnabel in the last 30 years will be on display at Watergate Gallery. Schnabel is known for his groundbreaking paintings and films, but he is also a prolific print-maker who uses various media and techniques to create a body of work that transcends the traditional applications of printmaking. Visit

London Calling
Total Museum of Contemporary Art
Through July 26
British artists such as Phillip Allen, Fiona Banner, David Batchelor, Martin Creed, Dryden Goodwin, Peter McDonald, and Nathaniel Rackowe are participating in this group exhibition featuring British contemporary art. Total Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Pyeongchang-dong. Visit

Between the Border
Gwangju Museum of Art
Through July 28
The Gwangju Museum of Art has organized an extensive exhibition of contemporary Korean, Chinese, and Japanese art. Visit

Musical Offering
Gallery 2
Through July 11
Hong Seung-hye’s works are characterized by minimalist squares of color. Visit or call (02) 3448-2112.

100 Years of Korean Comics
National Museum of Contemporary Art
Through Aug. 23
"Manhwa'' or Korean comic books are in the spotlight at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province. The exhibition traces the development of Korean comics over the last century. To get there, get off Seoul Grand Park Station, line 4, exit 4. A free shuttle bus to the museum is available. Admission is 3,000 won. Visit

A Way of Self-Confession
Gallery Soso
Through July 19
Twenty paintings by four Korean artists, Kwon Soon-young, Yang Yoo-youn, Lee Yoon-ju and Hong In-suk, are on display at Gallery Soso. Visit

Nervous Track
Atelier Hermes
Through Aug. 9
Atelier Hermes, located in Sinsa-dong, is hosting the solo exhibition of Scottish artist Jim Lambie. Lambie, born in 1964 in Glasgow, Scotland, was short-listed for the 2005 Turner Prize with an installation called ``Mental Oyster." The exhibition in Seoul features his signature striped floor installations.

100 Daehangro
Arko Art Center
Through July 5
Arko Art Center is commemorating 30 years since it moved to Daehangro with a special exhibition. The center’s memories and experiences in the past 30 years are presented in the context of visual arts. Thirty artists and artist groups are participating. Visit or call (02) 760-4850.

Meet the Blythe
Coreana Museum
Through July 12
The big-eyed Blythe dolls are a cult favorite among many. Collector Kim Yun-seon is showing off her Blythe doll collection, which she started in 2002, at the Coreana Museum’s 1st floor open gallery. Visit

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Through July 5
This contemporary ceramic art exhibition sheds light on the tradition and legacy of ceramics in Gyeonggi Province. Aside from ceramic artworks by a range of artists, the museum is also introducing a video installation of the late video artist Paik Nam June ``Shaping the Future with Earth.'' Visit

Multiple/ Dialogue
National Museum of Contemporary Art of Korea
Through Feb. 7, 2010
This yearlong exhibition brings together the works of the late Paik Nam-june and Korean-American artist Kang Ik-joong. On display is Paik’s multimedia installation and Kang’s installation work, made of thousands of paintings, woodcuts and drawings. The two artists may have come from different generations and have distinct artistic styles, but their art continues to enthrall. To get there, get off at Seoul Grand Park Subway Line 4, Exit 4, where a shuttle bus to the museum is available every 20 minutes. Visit

Known Unknowns art project- Gallery Loop Hongdae -opening July 4 - Aug 11

"Known Unknowns" art project -
Opening 2009년 7월 4일 Sat July 4, 5:00 pm running til August 11, 2009
Venue: Gallery LOOP, Hongdae
Open hour:Monday ~ Sunday, 11am~8pm
Tel : 82.(0)2.3141.1377
Website: (see Information page of website for map and info in English)

1. Artists:
Elizabeth MAGILL (엘리자베스 메길)
Graham GUSSIN (그라함 거신)
Jacques NIMKI (자크 님키)
Ruth CLAXTON (루스 클락슨)
Sofia HULTÉN (소피아 헐튼)

Exhibition Opening TV12 Gallery, Hongdae July 11 - 26

What: Joint exhibition of paintings by young Korean artists: Jangpa and Yoo Chang Chang
When: Opening - July 11, 5pm
Where: television 12 Gallery, Hongdae
For more info: Click on the poster at left for larger view

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Exhibition opening 'MoNAF Seoul' Gallery Sogool, near Hongdae, July 24 -30

MoNAF Seoul
an exhibition at Gallery Sogool, Hongdae, July 25- 30, 2009
Opening Friday, July 24, 6-8pm

Brad Betts and Josh Daniel's show at Gallery Sogool will explore ideas about the 'art museum'- what its purpose is, how and why the public interacts with it, and the motivations behind establishing and running an art institution.

They plan to create an installation throughout the entire gallery space, temporarily transforming it into an imaginary art museum called 'MoNAF' (Museum of National Arts Foundation). MoNAF will be presented to the public as a real museum, with 'ticketing facilities', an 'education centre' and different 'collections'. Yet these won't be exactly the same as what a visitor to a real art museum would find. Instead they'll reference the real thing, allowing the viewer to think about the experience of visiting an established, respected museum and how the museum creates that experience. The tone of the exhibition will be humorous, however everything in the installation will look and feel as if it is intended to be taken seriously. The artists aim to unsettle and intrigue the visitor, and make them question the motivation behind this, and other, museums.

The installation will be created through fitting out the gallery spaces with furniture and art objects that are made to look like objects normally found in an art museum, but are actually made of cardboard or other cheap and impermanent materials. On first glance these will look real, but on closer inspection they will be obviously fake, with the aim of both amusing and disconcerting the viewer.

Brad Betts and Josh Daniel are Australian artists, currently residing in Seoul. Brad studied sculpture at the Victorian College of the Arts and animation at international college Animation Mentor. Josh majored in printmaking at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Monash University. They have both exhibited in solo and group shows in Australia, with Josh curating and project managing an event for the 2006 Next Wave Festival, while Brad also works as a freelance 3D animator.

Gallery Sogool, #393-4 Chang-Jeon Dong, Mapo Gu, Seoul
Contact us on 010 3143 8899 (Brad), 010 8050 7743 (Josh),
011 9472 1084 (Joo Yeon, Gallerist)