Sunday, September 27, 2009

Opening - "City is Ours" Roof museum project, Mullae Art Factory, Sept 29, 2009

"City is Ours" Roof museum project exhibition opening + NON GRATA performance
29.09.2009 at 6 PM in LAB 39
30.09 at 6 PM LAB 39 ROOF

Address: 3F # 54-39 Mullae-dong 3 ga
Young Deung Po Gu
(Closest subway: Green line number 2, Mullae station, exit 7, see map)
tel: 82 (0) 1071264118

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Irish music concert in Soul Underground, Hongdae, Seoul, Sat, Sept 26, 2009

♣ First Irish Session in Cafe Soul Underground

"What is an irish session?"

In Ireland there is a great tradition of music. One very important aspects of irish life is getting together with traditional irish instruments and playing tunes. This generally happens in a pub. Therefore on the 26th of September we are having a great irish session in Soul Underground. Don't miss this event!

★ Details for the event are below_

What : First Irish Session in Soul Underground
Where : Cafe Soul Underground in Hongdae
When : September 26th, 7:30pm-0:00am


Performers at this concert are_

Myvanwy Birds : Bodhran(Irish Percussion), Singer
Patrisha Jones : Accordion
Kerry Javorka : Violin, Singer
Ethan James : Flutes
Chester : Violin, Singer
Hae-Young : Violin

→ Directions to Soul Underground

- Soul Underground is located within one minute's walking distance from exit 4 of Hongdae subway station.
You can see the Seven Springs restaurant-building when you go out of exit 4. Soul Underground is in a building right next to Seven Springs. The buildng consists of 3 stories. 1st is Pasta restaurant called Pavarotti. 2nd floor is a guitar custom shop called MD. 3rd is SOUL UNDERGROUND.
(Phone : 010 2363 3720 / 070 7672 3720)

†Soul Underground is basically a cafe & bar. And it can be whatever you want it to be.
Soul Underground is also a place with live performances by underground independent artists from all around.
Local musicians mainly in Hongdae perform here regularly or impromptu.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

PIFF - Pusan International Film Festival, October 8 - 16, 2009

October 8th - 16th, 2009

Screening Venue
13,740 seats and 36 screens at 6 theaters (total 269,332 seats)
Haeundae: Suyeong Yachting Center Outdoor Theater, Megabox, CGV, Lotte Cinema
Nampo-dong: Daeyoung Cinema, Cinus (Busan)

Total of 355 films from 70 countries (record number)
143 World & International Premieres (record number)
97 World Premieres (72 feature films, 25 short films)
46 International Premieres (41 feature films, 5 short films)
All New Currents and Fast Forward screenings are World & International Premieres.
5 Post-production Fund projects and 11 AND Fund projects selected by the Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) will be screening.

Website (English):
For online ticket bookings for foreigners (open now) :

Exhibition-'Black Maria and the white city' Gallery LOOP, Hongdae til Sept 27, 2009

Exhibition: 'Black Maria and the white city' by Youngho Lee
Installation, photography, video.
Entry: free
Dates: 2009년 8월 27일 (목) ~ 9월27일 (일)
• Opening times: AM 11:00 ~ PM 8:00
• Venue: Alternative Space LOOP, Hongdae (see map)

Free Film, KFCC, Seoul - "Once", Sept 23 and Sept 30, 2009

"Once" (Ireland)

Date: September 23 and 30 at 7pm.
Year of Production: 2006
Running time: 86 minutes
Director: John Carney
Language: English
Subtitles: Korean
Rating: All
Cost: free

“The Guy” is a street singer, and “The Girl” immediately senses the grief of love hidden in his songs. Thanks to her support of his music, he regains his courage and decides to record a demo tape for an audition in London. Through music, The Guy and The Girl start to understand other. As the recording nears completion, their emotions for one another grow deeper, and they both realise what they need to do with their lives.
A charming and simple film with some great music.

Venue: The Korea Foundation Cultural Center is open from 10:00 to 21:00 Monday through Saturday (Saturday until 18:00) and closed on Sundays and national holidays. Admission is free. For further information, please contact the KF Cultural Center at 02-2151-6520, 6514. (yes, they speak English)
See website:
Location: KFCC, Joong Ang Ilbo newspaper Building, near City Hall, Seoul.
Getting there: Close to City Hall subway. Take Exit 9, walk 5 mins. to Joong Ang Ilbo newspaper Building on your left.

Free film, KFCC, Seoul - "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly", Mon. Sept 21 and Sat Sept 26

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (France).
A beautiful film based on the true story of the former editor of 'Elle' magazine, Jean-Dominique Bauby. Bauby suffered a massive stroke one day and remained completely paralysed except for his left eyelid. He refused to give up on life and was able to dictate a whole book by blinking his eyelid for letters of the alphabet.
Note: Language French, subtitles in Korean.

Date: September 21 (Mon) at 7pm, and Sept 26 (Sat.) at 3 p.m.
Year of Production: 2007
Running time: 111 minutes
Director: Julian Schnabel
Language: French
Subtitles: Korean
Rating: 12+

Venue: The Korea Foundation Cultural Center is open from 10:00 to 21:00 Monday through Saturday (Saturday until 18:00) and closed on Sundays and national holidays. Admission is free. For further information, please contact the KF Cultural Center at 02-2151-6520, 6514. (yes, they speak English)
See website:
Location: KFCC, Joong Ang Ilbo newspaper Building, near City Hall, Seoul.
Getting there: Close to City Hall subway. Take Exit 9, walk 5 mins. to Joong Ang Ilbo newspaper Building on your left.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Art Exhibitions in Korea through October 2009

Art Exhibitions showing now through October (Source: Korea Times)

Ultra Skin
Coreana Museum Space*C
Through Sept. 30
Coreana Museum, located in Sinsa-dong, southern Seoul, is holding a group exhibition of works by Korean and foreign artists. Visit

Lee U-fan Sculpture
Kukje Gallery
Through Oct. 9
Kukje Gallery is hosting a special exhibition of sculptures by renowned Korean artist Lee U-fan. Visit or call (02) 733-4879.

Architectural Ceramic Now & New
Clayarch Gimhae Museum
Sept. 5-Feb. 7
The Clayarch Gimhae Museum, located in South Gyeongsang Province, is holding its 8th Architectural Ceramic Exhibition. Participating artists include Song Jun-gyu, Hilde Angel Danielsen, Lee Jong-geun and Johannes Pfeiffer. Visit or call (055) 340-7000.

Those Things I've Done
Gallery 2
Through Sept. 26
Kim Hye-na's mixed media works are characterized by dark subjects but filled with whirls of red and green colors. Visit

Desire and Anesthesia
Art Sonje Center
Through Oct. 25
Ham Kyung-ah is holding a solo exhibition at Art Sonje Center, Seokuk-dong, Jongno. Visit

The Magic of Photography
The Museum of Photography, Seoul
Through Oct. 1
The Hanmi Foundation of Arts and Culture has organized an exhibition titled "The Magic of Photography" at the Museum of Photography. Visit or call (02) 418-1315.

Fashion Ethics: Wear Good
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Through Oct. 4
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in Ansan is holding its annual cross-genre exhibition featuring fashion as art. The exhibition explores ethical fashion as a new paradigm shift relating to environment and cultural identity issues. Visit

MC Mina's Picture Diary
Coreana Museum
Through Sept. 20
Drawings, illustrations and character designs by Park Mi-na are on display at the open gallery, first floor of Coreana Museum. Visit

Korean Diaspora Artists in Asia
National Museum of Contemporary Art
Through Sept. 27
The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Gwacheon is hosting a special exhibition featuring works by Korean artists who have made a name for themselves throughout Asia. To get there, get off at Seoul Grand Park subway line 4, exit 4, where a shuttle bus to the museum is available every 20 minutes. Visit

Artist of the Year 2009: Suh Yong-sun
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
Through Sept. 20
The National Museum of Contemporary Art has chosen Suh Yong-sun as the 2009 Artist of the Year. To get there, get off Seoul Grand Park Station Line 4, Exit 4. A free shuttle bus to the museum is available. Visit

EXPosition of mythology - ELectronic technology
Nam June Paik Art Center
Through Oct. 4
This exhibition explores ideas of technology, mythology and religion through the perspective of Nam June Paik's first solo exhibition in 1963 called EXPosition of Music ELectronic Television. Visit

Multiple/ Dialogue
National Museum of Contemporary Art of Korea
Through Feb. 7, 2010
This year-long exhibition brings together the works of the late Paik Nam-june and Korean-American artist Kang Ik-joong. On display is Paik's multimedia installation and Kang's installation work, made of thousands of paintings, woodcuts and drawings. The two artists may have come from different generations and have distinct artistic styles, but their art continues to enthrall. To get there, get off at Seoul Grand Park Subway Line 4, Exit 4, where a shuttle bus to the museum is available every 20 minutes. Visit

Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul, Sept 18-22, 2009

KIAF, a project organized by the Gallery Association of Korea and inaugurated in 2002, has earned a reputation as one of the most prominent and exciting art fair destinations through out its seven successful years.
Many prestigious galleries from both home and abroad are selected through strict assessment procedure by the KIAF Operation Committee and its external panels. KIAF provides opportunities for the art lovers to explore the works of emerging young artists as well as many world-class renowned art works from countries such as India, Spain, Australia, France, Germany, Japan and Korea to name a few.

The Hub of the Asian Art market, KIAF2008
KIAF2008 attracted approximately 61,000 art lovers in Pacific Hall and Indian Hall at COEX from 19th -23rd of September where there were 116 domestic and 102 galleries from abroad (20 territories). Besides the participation of carefully selected local and foreign galleries, KIAF had a lot more to offer by actively organizing Guest Country programs, Artists programs, and number of interesting Academic programs. In another word, KIAF2008 played as an important ‘festival of art’ figure beyond simply being a business trade venue. It provided chances for art collectors, artists, art professionals and aficionados to share their own ideas about contemporary art through out unique programs of KIAF.

KIAF2009- Guest Country: India
KIAF has appointed India as the honored guest country for KIAF2009. India has been recently enjoying its worldly attention as being a new destination for an emerging art market.

Exhibition Date: September 18(Fri) - 22(Tue), 2009(5days)

General Admission:15,000 won (10,000 won members of Korean Fine Arts Assoc.)
Students: 10,000 won (including collegians)

Opening Hours
September 18(Fri) - 21(Mon),
11:00AM - 08:00PM(Last Admission into the Fair 07:00PM)

September 22(Tue), 2009
11:00AM - 05:00PM(Last Admission into the Fair 04:00PM)

COEX 3F, HALL C & HALL D, Seoul, Korea
(135-731) COEX, World Trade Center, Samseong-dong, Seoul, Korea

Line2 Samseong Station Exit 5, 6
Line7 Cheongdam Station Exit 2
10minutes walking distance or transfer to a bus
(Bus No.: 301, 401, 2415, 3414, 4419)

Blue Line 301, 361, 362, 640, 730
Green Line 3217, 3218, 3412, 3414, 3415, 3417
Red Line 9407
Airport Limousine 600


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brazilian dance and live music parties - every 2nd and 4th Saturday, Hongdae, Seoul

"Mouth to Mouth" Party hosted by Escola Alegria (Brazilian-style Capoeira and music school)

When : Every 2nd and 4th Saturday.

Where : Escola Alegria Studio
(B1, 4-5, Chang-Jeon-Dong, Ma-Po-Gu, Seoul / Phone: 02.6082.3533- English and Korean)

Time Schedule
- 20:00 : Open
- 21:00 : Live music performance
(and we'll serve you something you'll like.)

Alcohol : We don't sell any alcohol. So, you bring whatever you want to drink and eat,
but "Soju, Plastic bottles and Disposable products (e.g.-paper cups, etc.)".
We'll give you cups if you need. :-)

Entrance Fee : 7000w
5000w for Guest List

YAY~!!! Let's dance, drink, meet new people and have fun~!!!

Artist Residency Conferences - Gyeonggido - October 28 - November 1, 2009

Res Artis travels to Korea, Poland and Canada

2009 Res Artis Conference
'The 21st Century Art Residency and New Institutional Collaborations'
Gyeonggi Creation Center and Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea
October 28 - November 1, 2009

Registration is now open.
Please see the website for more information, the schedule and registration.

The new century has witnessed the rapid change of our cultural environment ensued by the transformation of the art world. International biennials and artist residencies, especially those held in growing metropolitan areas on the Asian continent and other regions once categorized as the third world, have remapped the relationships of the international art world. They have emerged as powerful vehicles of change and transformation. Today's artist residencies, by performing diverse functions that overlap with those of creative studios, alternative spaces, and art centers, influence the ways in which artists from different art world systems, communities, and geographic locations collaborate and communicate with each other. Thus, the success of artist residencies increasingly relies on the degree and effectiveness of their interactions with “others”--other institutions, other regions.

This conference, “The 21st Century Art Residency and New Institutional Collaborations,” will provide an opportunity to investigate the possibilities that arise when artist residencies, museums, and other institutions collaborate. It will provide a forum to consider the many benefits, both logistical and conceptual, of establishing these various partnerships.

On the occasion of the opening of the Gyeonggi Creation Center, established in collaboration with the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, we will be hosting Res Artis, the worldwide network of artist residencies, in creatively engaging these issues. All who are interested are welcome to attend and contribute their perspectives to this timely conversation.

Eastern European Res Artis Meeting
'Re-Tooling Residencies'
Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland
November 16-19, 2009

Registration is now open.
Registration Information

Res Artis 12th General Meeting
'The Americas: Active Practices in the Era of Globalization'
Montréal and Québec City, Canada
October 5-10, 2010

The Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec is pleased to announce that the dates of the next Res Artis Conference are October 5th to the 10th 2010. The Conference will take place in downtown Montreal with one day at Complexe Méduse in Quebec City on Friday the 8th. The Conference’s program and registration formalities will be available this Fall.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alternative music shows - Mudaeryuk cafe, Hongdae, Sept 17, 2009

Who: Henna Dress (Tokyo, Japan) - noise + toys
Bridget and the Puppycats (Seoul) - all girl folk + frenzy

What: music show

When: Thursday, September 17, 2009. 8 pm.

Where: Mudaeryuk (무대륙). Sangsu exit 1, walk 2 minutes toward parking lot street. Upstairs cafe.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bubble World - bubble art show, Seoul -open run 2009

Korea has just opened the world’s second exclusive “bubble show” theatre. On 24th April, Fan Yang’s Bubble World show opened in Myungbo Art Hall in Euljiro3 3-ga, following in the footstep of the hugely successful “bubble show” theatre in New York. Canadian artist, Fan Yang, gained world fame for his White Bubble Show, which captivated audiences when it played in Korea. “Bubble World Show” is his latest creation.

This time, Fan Yang directs from behind the scenes, and his elder brother, Jano Yang, and his son, Deni Yang, appear in turn to present an 80-minute, fun-packed bubble extravaganza, which features super-large wind fans, snow machines, and laser beams.

At the center of the lobby and at the entrance to the out-door performance hall are the “Bubble Experience Zones”, where the audience can make bubbles themselves using tools invented by Fan Yang. At the “Bubble Gallery Zones”, people can see the photos of Fan Yang setting Guinness World Records and other photos that show the beauty of bubble art.

[Detailed Information]
☞ Period: April 24, 2009 – OPEN RUN
☞ Place: Daon Hall, Myungbo Art Hall
☞ How to get to there: From exit 8 of Euljiro3-ga Station (subway lines 2 and 3), walk straight for about 5 minutes and the Myungbo Art Hall is on your left.
☞ Show Times: Between 1 to 3 shows per day, see schedule
☞ Ticket Price: 38,000 won (All seats)

☞ Homepage: Korean),
☞ Inquiries: +82-2-2263-9741~2(Korean)

Jarasum Jazz Festival, Gapyeong, Gyeonggido Oct 15 - 18, 2009

Period: 10.15.2009 ~ 10.18.2009
Address: Gyeonggi-do Gapyeong-gun Jarasum(Jaraseom) area
Telephone:- Korea Travel Phone +82-31-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
- For more info +82-31-581-2813 (Korean)

The Jarasum (Jaraseom) International Jazz Festival marks its 6th anniversary this year. It began in 2004 with 30 teams of jazz artists from 12 countries including the US and Japan. Well established as a significant international festival, this festival draws at least 100,000 visitors every year to Jaraseom Island, Gapyeong-Eup, Gyeonggi-do. This year, the jazz festival will from October 2nd to the 5th. Despite being a relatively young festival, the Jarasum (Jaraseom) International Jazz Festival has earned its rank among major international festivals with both a line-up and an audience that is growing larger with each passing year. The island's natural beauty blends together harmoniously with the performances and leaves many wanting to return.

There are several free performances, but concert goers are encouraged to pick up a day pass for 25,000 won to gain admittance to all performances, leports events, exhibitions and events.

How to Particpate
All concerts are free with the exclusion of Jazz Island, Party Gym, Jazz Club, and Jazz Center.
Festival Tickets (admission to Jazz Island & Party Gym allowed): Reservations available by the Korean official website.

* Online Regular Reservation: July 13, 2009. 14:00 ~ Oct.11, 2009. 24:00
1-day Tickets 25,000 won, 2-day Tickets (40,000 won), and 3-day Tickets (50,000 won) are available.
Each ticket includes one 5,000 won Note of Love Gapyeong Gift Certificate.
Only a limited number of tickets are available for online purchase.
Reservation:, Interparkticket(Korean)

* On site Purchase: Oct. 16 to 18
1-day Tickets 30,000 won (including one 5,000 won note of Love Gapyeong Gift Certificate)

For more information, please refer to the official website( (English, Korean)
Ticket Reservations:,Interpark(Korean)

① By Train
Cheongnyangni Station → Gapyeong Station (first train 6:15am, last train 10:20pm, est. 1hr 20min travel time, 3,800 won)
② By Bus
Dong Seoul Terminal → Gapyeong (first bus 6:15am, last bus 10:00pm, est. 1hr 20min travel time, 5,600 won) Sangbong Terminal → Gapyeong (first bus 6:00am, last bus 9:30pm, est. 1hr 20min travel time, 5,100 won)
③ Direct Bus Line available during festival period from Seoul → Jaraseom
Bus Station: Yangjae Subway Station Exit #7 Seocho-gu District Office, Gangbyeon Station Technomart (8,000 won per person / est. 1hr 30min travel time) Inquiries: +82-31-582-4539 (Korean)
④ Complimentary Shuttle Buses to the Event Location 10:00am ~ 10:30pm; departs every 5~10 minutes (from Gapyeong Terminal to the event location)

Homepage (Korean, English)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brief Encounters - Seoul Art Collective exhibition, Myeongdong Gallery -opening Sept 19 -26, 2009

Ten artists from the Seoul Art Collective engage the topic of hit-and-run experience inspired by the big city in, "Brief Encounters: Around Once You Only Go."

Brief Encounters owes to the transient, migratory nature of experience today. On the bus or the subway, on the way to work, for a year, for five minutes - reality can get stacked with episodic randomness, and in this modern metropolis, accessible disposability is the name of the game.
우연한 짧은 만남
당신은 단지 스쳐지나갈 뿐이다
"우연한 짧은 만남"은 우리가 일시적이고, 이주적인 본성을 지닌 오늘날을 살아가면서 경험하게 되는 것이다.
출근하는 길에 버스나 지하철에서 5분 동안 때로는 1년 동안 일어날 수 있는 짧고도 우연한 만남.
실재는 에피소드적인 무작위성으로 가득 차 있고, 현대의 대도시 속에서 우리가 쉽게 대면할 수 있는 일회성 만남은 더할나위 없이 중요하다.

Anthony Ragucci
Loren Rudisuela
Joel Bewley
Joe T.
Mike Stewart
Matt Flanagan
Courtney Lyn Zach
Derek Winchester
James Topple
Zach Eichelberger

The Myungdong Gallery:

Curated by Zach Eichelberger

Opening Reception: September 19th, 5 - 7pm, show runs til Sept 26.
Directions: From Myeongdong Station go out exit 9 and take a right at the Standard Chartered Bank (blue and green sign). Pass the Coffee Bean and take another right. It's the second building on the left with Bar Insomnia on the ground floor.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, September 10 - 16, 2009

Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul
September 10 - 16
Venues: Seoul Art Cinema, Indie Space, Samilro Changgo Theater

2009 Experimental Film and Video Festival 2009 will be happening in Seoul from September 10 to 16. Since 2004, this festival has focused on introducing Korean and international experimental films to the public and discovering emerging directors. This year event, two Canadian visual/video artists’ collaboration video work will be presented.

For more information, please visit  

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Korea Experimental Arts Festival, Hongdae, Seoul, Sept 9 - 13, 2009

What: Korea Experimental Arts Festival
When: Sept 9 - 13, 2009
Where: various venues in Hongdae, Seoul
Cost: free - 20,000 won depending on event

The purpose of the Korea Experimental Arts Festival is to build a communication between audiences and experimental arts. This festival has happened every year since 2002 under the art direction of Kim Baek Ki who is performance artist and chief of KoPAS (Korea Performance Art Spirit). This is the biggest experimental art festival in Korea.

The KEAF brings together over 100 artists from 15 countries such as Japan, Korea, Estonia, Sweden, Australia, USA, Africa.
See website for list of participating artists:
Works including performance art, video, installation experimental music and dance, and many multidisciplinary creations in a variety of venues such as clubs, rooftops, streets, galleries etc.

In brief: Penny's performances are as follows (note all my performances are audience interactive!):
Friday Sept 11 - 7pm- 9pm - Theater Zero (Near Children's Park)- Penny Thompson presents "Spirality" - interactive spiral walk with lights , plus many other performances. Cost 20,000 won for 2 hour show.

Saturday Sept 12 - 2 – 3:30 pm / on the top of Seokyo Art Center. Penny Thompson presents "Bubble Bubble" - a fun interactive performance blowing hundreds of bubbles over the rooftops of Seoul. Will be filmed by Arirang TV. Cost: free.

Sunday Sept 13 in Club O-Baek (500) (Sangsu Station side of Hongdae) - starts at 9.30pm - our performance 10.30pm - Circular Sound Circus team presents "K-CHAK! Indonesian-based vocal percussion". Audience participation a must! Variety of music, percussion , dance etc. Cost: free. Closing party for Festival afterwards.

bye Penny

Event: Messenger of a spirit (theater performances)
When/where: Sept 9th – 13th, 2009 / 7 – 9 pm / Theater Zero
fee: 20,000 won for the general / 15,000 won for the students/Free ticket 50,000 won(for Free enter all event)
People that participate: Sept 9th Yang Qing from China, Melodie Duchesne form France, Noangrata from Estonia, Lee Seong Chul from Korea, Lee Jeh Min from Korea – magic performance

Sept 10th: Velvet Pesu from Australia, Sato Yukie from Japan, Hujieda Mishimaru(+Hagihara Sadayuki, Uchujiu Ochau) from Japan, Noangrata from Estonia, Kim Chung from Korea

Sept 11th: Cynthia Norton from USA, Penelope Thompson from Australia, Oikado Ichiro from Japan, Tichawona Mashauwa from Zimbabwe, Kim Suk Hwan from Korea

Sept 12th: Theodor Di Ricco from Germany, Paivi Maunu from Filand, Morgan Schagerber from Norway, Julie Jaffrennou from French, Sakamoto from Japan, Park Chang Su from Korea - music

Sept 13th: Auseklic Usins from Latvia, Eshe from Canada, Angela Kroherts & Scott Goof from USA, Rachel Hoffman from USA, Junk Band from Korea
Content: In the Theater where is suit for a place that the essential message of an artist may be delivered, you may catch the intention of an artist very well and it can give you various art forms as a messenger that talk with the ‘spirit’.


Event: Asphalt art (outdoor performance)
When/where Sept 9th – 11th / 3 – 5 pm / play ground and Hongdae area
Writers that participate in Sept 9th Art parade – The whole performers are attending
Auseklic Usins – 1 from Latvia, Velvet Pesu from Australia, Oikado Ichiro from Japan, Hujieda Mishimaru from Japan, Sato Yukie from Japan, Vaqi from Korea, Dulsori from Korea, Kim Chung from Korea
Sept 10th Theodor Di Ricco from Germany, Tichawona Mashauwa from Zimbabwe, Kwon Su Im from Korea, VAP from Korea.
Sept 11th Nongrata from Estonia, Morgan Schagerber from Norway, Hoirodo from Korea, Bulgasahri from Korea
content Outdoors performance and happening that take place in Hongdae area.
There will be some interactive performances with the audience,
Performance of various genre will be described as the clash and harmony of the art expression and as the work gone through the dissection.
If a shallow environment is compared to ‘asphalt’, the abundant imagination and energy of an artist is compared to the mysterious energy that make a flower bloom on the hard asphalt.


Event: The roof performance (outdoor performance)
Where/when Sept 12th – 13th / 2 – 3:30 pm / on the top of Seokyo Art Center

Artists that participate in Sept 12th: Rachel Hoffman from USA, Penelope Thompson from Australia, melodie duchesne from France,
Sept 13th: Paivi Maunu from Finland, Tajé Tross from Estonia, Cynthia Norton from USA, Lee So Young from Korea
content The beauty of a blank that can sympathize the nature in the sky as the background is invited into the creature.
The art city people take the unuseful things less from the horizontal environment and they take it easy creating new art.
This is the definition that gives us a message that puts the top and the bottom of the world together.


Event: Underground art
When/where Sept 9th – 13th / 9:30 – 10:30 pm / club, café, subway, underground road
Artists that participate

Sept 9th at Ohbaekmahnwon (club): Dulsori(percussion), Hujieda Mishimaru from Japan, Sato Yukiea from Japan, Michael Joaley from USA, Tichawona Mashaua from Zimbabwe

Sept 10th in Myungwulgwan (club): Rachel Hoffman from USA, Paivi Maunu from Filand, Yang Qing from China, Auseklic Usins from Latvia, Bulgasahri from Korea

Sept 11th in Ohbaekmahnwon (club): Oikado Ichiro from Japan, Tajé Tross from Estonia, Bloom from USA + Lee Han Joo Korea Band from Korea, Lee Hwa from Korea

Sept 12th in OI (cafe): Cynthia Norton from USA, Kim Gwang Suk from Korea, Velvet Pesu from Austrailia, Julie Jaffrennou from France, Mélodie Duchesne from France

Sept 13th in Ohbaekmahnwon (club) - Yadahnbubsuk (percussion), Eshe from Canada, 'Circular Sound Circus' - Penelope Thompson (Australia) + Ripley (Jupiter), Frank Lev (USA), Lacey Dumler (USA), Candida Pagan from Canada

Sept 9 - 13 - Ahn Young Tae – underground sidewalk
content: Amuse spaces such as underground clubs, underground sidewalk, underground gallery are where people have a mania for Hongdae.
Underground art – Experimental art make ‘underground (which could be a deep spot)’ the most artistic place and in there, the audience and artists interact in the creature.
And when they get excited participating in another world, ‘They (mass art)’ is created at the same time.
In Chunggi and on the gas station crossroads underground sidewalk, the writer stay there for four nights and five days performing some work on the wall.


Event: The world’s experimental art expo
When/where Sept 4th – 13th / 10 am – 8 pm / Seokyo experimental art center 1st floor, basement
content - photographs, videos, scientific materiasl, catalogs from each country’s artists will be on display.
- rare materials that are recommended by each country’s artists will be on display.
- videos made by the world’s famous video artists will be played.
- the view point from each country’s directors (critics) will be on display.
Writer, Shin Jin Sik’s world’s experimental creature video


Event: Banner photographs exhibition
When/where Sept 4th – 13th / whenever / Hongdae area st
content Creatures from each country’s artists that participate in 2009 Korea experimental art festival will be on display on the street during the art festival period.
The street will be regarded as a canvas and the lively creatures will represent the art city that never fall asleep for 9 nights 10 days and 240 hours

Event: Cinema salon
When/where Sept 9th – 13th / 4 – 6 pm / Café Godard
content This is a cinema in Art city. various independent movies, a message about ‘ Peace’ by Shin Young Chul will be played with ‘Art city news’ which you can learn about art city before the show begins.
Event: e –生生 (e - Live) Book
When/where Sept 9th – 13th / whenever / 2009 KEAF website / Seokyo experimental art center viewer
content Photographs, videos, texts that were recorded during the festival period will be open to the public through the website.
Art city may be supported by the public through the website which has no limits of the distance and for 24 hours it creates an image as a lively city and functions as e-book.


Event: Seminar – creating art city project
When/where Sept 13th / 3 – 6 pm / Seokyo experimental art center
content ① God of the world’s experimental art Renaissance zone : in front of Hongdae (Kim baekki)
② responsibility of art space in Seoul city and public art (Kim Yoon Hwan)
③ The world’s culture city design and experimental public art (Kim Seoung Ho)


Event: Free to join – Performance art incubating
When/where Sept 12th (sat) – 13th (sun) / 4 – 6 pm / Expressing Gallery Yogiga
content This is a program which a host introduces the creative performances to the audience and helps the creative performance develop by asking and answering about the performance and the artist.
host Moon Jae Seon (Performance Artist)
A SORO representive.
He’s a performance writer who has been working hard from early in 1990s, he does the performance, bringing out the beauty of slow.
Now he is working on the media and sound, also he is giving a lesson about performance and workshop.


Event: Having a honest talk while you are drunk.
When/where Sept 9th – 13th, 2009 / 10:30pm – till you pass out / Clubs
(Club Myungwulgwan, OI, Club Ohbaek)
People that participate in About 100 Audience and staff including 40 – 50 artists each day
content This is a after party which Korean writers and writers from other countries can interct, getting along.
It will be held everyday when the last performance is end.
Audience may also join and share a view of a writer in an atmosphere of freedom, drinking and partying.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rediscovering Hongdae- cultural tour for foreigners- Sept 27, Sun 1.30 - 5 pm

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