Sunday, November 22, 2009

Opening-Nam June Paik Art Center prize, Nov 28, 2009

Prize ceremony and opening of group exhibition - Nov 28, 5pm
Performance: Nov 28, 6pm
Reception: Nov 28, 7pm
Description: group exhibition opening for the 4 prize winning artists - Ceal Floyer, Eun-me Ahn, Robert Adrian X, Seung taek Lee
Location: Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, Gyeonggido

Free: Shuttle bus reservation: Call or email: 031-201-8529,
Website (Korean and English) :
Bus schedule: Nov 28 - either 3.15pm at Hapjeong subway exit #2, or 4.00pm Hannam-dong, opp. Dankook university

Friday, November 20, 2009

CJ Picture Book Exhibition - KFCC gallery, Seoul, Nov 23 - Dec 24

The CJ Culture Foundation will be holding the 2nd CJ Picture Book Festival at the Korea Foundation Cultural Center from November 23 through December 24. The exhibition will present 100 works for the New Publication Category and 50 for the Illustration Category, selected from hundreds of works submitted by publishers and artists from around the world.

Kveta Pacovska, popular with children worldwide for her illustrated books, will be invited to the exhibition to introduce her unique three-dimensional picture books that engage all five senses. Special events to be held in conjunction with the exhibition include a picture book forum, picture book animation screenings and a picture book library.

Picture books have already established themselves as a cultural resource for people of all ages and both sexes. Rather than remain mere as paper books as in the past, they have been recreated as valuable cultural content, breaking the barriers between genres and combining with diverse media to create new aesthetic forms.

Location: KFCC gallery, Joongang Ilbo Building, near City Hall, Seoul
Period: November 23 - December 24, 2009 (Open everyday, including weekends)
Hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Admission: Adults 5,000 won / Children(5-18) 3,000 won
Contact:, 02-338-6672,

Line 1 and Line 2 City Hall Station,Five-Minute walk from Exit 9
Line 5, Seodaemun Station, Seven-Minute walk from Exit 6

Argentine films - free at KFCC, Seoul, Nov 23 - 28

The Korea Foundation Cultural Center will screen a selection of free films from Argentina from Mon Nov. 23 to 28.
See website for screening details and times: (English)
Argentine Cinema

"The Signal"
Date: November 27(Wed.) at 7 p.m.
Year of Production: 2007
Running time: 95 minutes
Director: Ricardo Darin & Martin Hodara
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Rating: 18+

It’s 1952 and while Eva Peron approaches the end of her life, Corvalan, a mediocre private detective is hired by Gloria, a beautiful and mysterious woman, to fulfill what seems to be a routine investigation.

Location: Korea Foundation Cultural Center, 2F, Joongang Ilbo (newspaper) building, near City Hall
Nearest subway: City Hall station, exit 9, walk straight 5 mins.

Art Center Nabi Seoul -upcoming talk/peformance - "juxtapose" - Nov 25, 2009

The founder of Entertainment & Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University, Professor, Don Marilline will talk about new poetics of digital generation. Start mentioning about creation of digitalism, he will also discuss its diverse usage and new way of storytelling from poetics of Aristotle to interactive narrative of Janet Jackson.

For the opening performance, there will be electroacoustic performance, ‘Juxtapose’ together with residence artist Leah Barclay from Asialink and art center nabi and korean percussionist, Yoon Sang, Choi.

Opening Performance: Juxtapose
‘Juxtapose’ is one of three major compositions completed during an Asialink residency at art centre nabi in 2009. The work is composed for janggu and live electronics and is performed by leading Korean percussionist Yoon Sang, Choi. The electronics feature sound recordings from Seoul ranging from the serenity of the Buddhist temple bells to the unnerving civil defense drill siren. Conceptually the work reveals some of the enticing sonic layers of the city and the intense contrast that exist in Seoul. All of the electronic source material has been extensive processed to create an abstract soundscape that intertwines with the surging energy of the city and whispers of the past.

Leah Barclay
Leah Barclay is an award winning Australian interdisciplinary artist. She was the recipient of the 2009 Asialink Performing Artist Residency for Korea and is based at art center nabi for three months developing a series of works integrating traditional music and modern technology. Her current work explores hybrid media and experimental sonic languages fusing the spontaneity of live performance with the infinite possibilities of technology. Since graduating from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, she has performed, published and produced commissioned works across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, India and Korea.

Yoon Sang, Choi
Yoon Sang, Choi is a leading Korean percussionist who has been involved in a diversity of projects to rearrange Korean traditional music for modern audiences. He invented the electronic hour glass drum called “super janggu” in collaboration with professor YI doneung at Seoul National University. In 2003 he founded the band “wHOOL,” an ensemble who now have an international reputation performing at leading events in France, Belgium, Netherlands and the USA.

Presenter & Organization
Don Marinelli
Professor, Don Marinelli is not only teaching at Drama of Art Department in Carnegie Mellon University but also the founder of the ETC and director as well. ETC is founded based on cooperation computer science and art department. Plus, he is also leading the ETC-Global, which has international connection in Australia, United Sates, and Japan.

Entertainment & Technology Center
Carnegie Mellon entertainment and technology global center is the organization composed of artists and technological expertise together while they are taking master course; its motive is opening of the future industry; trials are such as video game, robot science, edutainment, theme park, interactive amusement park, 4D theater, mobile game, etc. In addition, it produces sponsor project having credit on experience by working with other leading companies and organization in United States; it tries to cooperate with international companies through ETC Global.

Date 25th of November (Wed) 7:00 - 9:00pm
Venue art center nabi
Entrance Fee: free
Contact 2121-0915,

[New Theater Series]
The new theater series is the open place for the artists inside and outside of the country in which they can communicate with audience and one another as well. Various creators from the theater, movie, music, media art will show their performances, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and shows.

Location and Directions:

99 Seorin-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea , 110-110
Tel : 02-2121-0912 / Fax : 02.2121.0914
Email :

See map online (English) :

Direction & Location by subway:
Line No.1
Jong-gak Station / Gate No. 6
5 minutes on foot towards Gwanghwamun
Line No.5
Gwanghwamun Station / Gate No. 5
5 minutes on foot towards Gwanghwamun Post Office

Art Center Nabi Seoul -upcoming talk - Sound Art - Nov 24, 2009

What are Sound and Sound Arts?
The lecture by Jason Kahn provides one of the approaches to sound art. We will examine how our daily experiences can be changed by the relationships between sound and the space, through Jason Kahn’s philosophy and works.

Date Nov. 24. 2009. (Tue) 7:00-9:00 PM
Venue art center nabi
Entrance Fee free
Contact Young-ju Kim 2121-0925,
Website (English):

About sound, music, and listening
The subsets of Sound arts
What is Sound Arts?

Sound Installation
Art place as existing in the eye of the beholder
Sound Perception: Active listening to expand our consciousness
Re-invent, accentuate, and subvert the space by sound
Bring the non-space(space of transit) to life with sound

* Demonstration
[Gläser], [Sand], [Kies vom Zürcher See], [Lamparna Space]

Jason Kahn is an artist working in the various fields including sound installation, performance and composition. He has given concerts and exhibited sound installations all over the world. Kahn creates his sound installations for specific spaces. The focus of these primarily non-visual works lies in the perception of space through sound. Kahn performs both solo and in collaboration and composes for electronics and acoustic instruments. He was born in New York and currently lived in Zürich.

Location and Directions:

99 Seorin-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea , 110-110
Tel : 02-2121-0912 / Fax : 02.2121.0914
Email :

See map online (English) :

Direction & Location by subway:
Line No.1
Jong-gak Station / Gate No. 6
5 minutes on foot towards Gwanghwamun
Line No.5
Gwanghwamun Station / Gate No. 5
5 minutes on foot towards Gwanghwamun Post Office

Monday, November 16, 2009

Exhibition Opening Meekyoung Shin, Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Nov 19 - Dec 19, 2009

Exhibition of Korean artist, Meekyoung Shin at Kukje Gallery.
Opening: Thur Nov 19, 5 - 7pm
Entry: free
Gallery hours: Mon - Sat: 10am-6pm, Sun: 10am-5pm
Tel: 733-8449
To get to Kukje Gallery, come out Exit 1 Anguk station and follow the signs towards the National Folk Museum. The gallery is opposite the museum on the main road.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Culture walks through Incheon, every Saturday in Nov, 2009

Every Saturday at 2pm in November you are invited to come to the the historical port city of Incheon and walk and chat with artist, Jooyoung Lee and friends. Learn about the culture and history of the area, meet new people and exchange ideas. Meet at Dong Incheon Station, line 1, every Saturday in November at 2pm. See map and poster for details.

More info at: (current artist in residence)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sean Snyder - artist lecture, Hansung Univ, Seoul Nov 16, 2009

*SEAN SNYDER* Monday, 16 Nov, 6.30 p.m.*(English with Korean interpretation)
Hansung University | Jisun Kwan room 303

Sean Snyder is a visual artist who has produced research-oriented projects focusing on image production and representation. Using examples from media, cinema, urban space and architecture his work analyzes the relation between image and text.
Recently, Sean Snyder has investigated the transformative role of the archive in relation to digital imaging technologies, developing a methodological approach to the structuring of information. Utilizing the interpretative potential of documents and databases, his work explores documentary practice as a historical construct, and more generally the underlying role of aesthetics in ideology and culture. (from:

He has recently contributed to e-flux journal:

Sean Snyder (*1972, Virginia Beach, USA) lives in Kiev and Tokyo. He graduated from Städelschule art academy, Frankfurt a.M. in 1999. Sean Snyder had solo shows at the Institute of Contemporary Art (London), Stedelikjk Museum (Amsterdam), Sala Rekalde (Bilbao), Van Abbe Museum (Eindhoven), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Wiener Secession (Vienna), Portikus (Frankfurt a. M.) and exhibited at Gwangju Biennial in 2002 and 2006 as well as the 5th Busan Biennial. |
한성대학교 | 136-792 서울시 성북구 389 삼선2가 한성대학교
Hansung University | 389 Samseon-dong 2-ga, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 136-792

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Solo Exhibition opening "Fiction" by Zachary Eichelberger, Nov 21 - 29, Seoul

What: Solo Exhibition "Fiction" by Zachary Eichelberger, Nov 21 - 29, 2009
What: Paintings, prints and installations
Opening: Nov 21 at 6pm - 8pm
Atists talk: Nov 21 at 5pm - 6pm
Where: Myungdong Gallery, 4F #12-16 Choongmuro 2 ga,
Joongu, Seoul
Showroom Hour: Mon -Thu, Sat 10 - 7 p.m, Fri 12 - 9 p.m.
T. 02. 771. 2026

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Opening "Pink City" part 3, Eve Gallery Seoul, Nov 6 - Dec 3, 2009

What : "Pink City" international exhibition Part 3
Where: Eve Gallery, 91-25, 5F, Evezary Building,
Samsung-dong, Seoul, Gangnam-gu, South Korea
Opening: Friday, 6 Nov, 2009 at 5pm
Closing: Thursday, 3 December, 2009
Daily opening times: Weekdays 10am - 7pm, weekends 10am - 6pm
Website: (may not open on a Mac)

Getting there: By subway: Samseong station, exit 7, go straight for a couple of minutes and then turn left when you see Evezary Building. It´s on the 5th floor of that building: Gallery Eve.

Pink City consists of 6 shows including 12 artists.

Jaipur is a capital city of Rajasthan in India, where people call it Pink City. Dileep Sharma from Pink city, Jaipur enjoy experimenting the most typical and daily experiences by producing distinct figures. With gradual change by time, his progress of making every day images new comes out by tattooing humorous and odd figures of human body on India traditional clothes. He names it 'modeling tattoo' or Flash-back effect. He intends to make distinguishing border between everyday life and fantasy with his own outstanding stages in his works.
Pil-seung focuses on change of value of reproduced arts when they have value of commodities. For example, he allows his chandelier made of modeled mini toy cars to be a practical product (with practical function) and then shows it in a gallery. That is, a function of the ready-made is questionable to audiences. Value of arts in reality is sometimes vague, which he try to present.

Jannis Markopoulos from Greek works and lives in Berlin. His works are motivated by time between the present and the past. These two images conflict in one as if he tries to walk all through the present and the past. Mixed two layers already transformed to his own ideal land.
koh, A-bin brings power of shamanism out in her paintings, much related to a relationship between human and nature based on Asian community. She also pursues several experiments by researching religious allegories of the Middle ages in western and value of Shamanism in Asia. It comes with sensual images in her paintings. This two artists take two totally different allegories and often fuse into one in order to produce unfamiliar world with realistic images from both western and eastern. With their paintings, they succeed to escape from physical time.

Both Kaneko Nao and Yoon, Mi-yeon transform childhood fantasy and aspiration. Kaneko Nao paints women who wear Japanese traditional clothing with her outstanding perception on colors and composition. Her women portrait normally has uneasy gestures and stares at us, which make audiences feel far away from reality and strong. Yoon, Mi-yeon shows her ideal girls up. Her works reflect her experiences from her childhood in which she dreamed ideal girls with blond hair influenced by Barbie doll. It turns to her fantasy.

Fahrad Hussain from India illustrates people in daily life around us. His characters seem to be presented on a theater stage. They stand still, smiling but are painted by all achromatic colors with a glorious and colorful back stage. He presents paradox of people in daily life by revealing his cynical view and exaggerating characters. A metaphor of capitalism in both western and eastern appears to be 'still life' in his works.
Kim, Keun-joong is an artist who mixes two kinds of oriental paintings. His bloomedand glorious flowers are his emblem to present sense of the contemporary.

Both Markus Kiefer and Jung, Jae-ho visualize landscape by fusing nature, daily life, a view of cities and cultural circumstances. And now, documenting 'being here' is a method to preserve their individual experiences and perception. These each documents could also be a piece for re-composing their memories. Jung, Jae-ho paints landscapes with his private memories of 'being here' and video canvases for Markus Kiefer try to make a conversation with audiences by showing each different contexts.

Huub van der Loo from Netherlands allows us to visualize a city with huge pinky structures. For instance, he supposes to install enormous structures in New York. His pinky sculpture projected in reality reflects people's idea land and fantasies where there is no boundaries on certain place, culture and race. Whereas, Yoon, Jeong-mee shows difference and similarity from children with different cultures and races and presents specific goods related to children by arranging by color, for example 'pink & blue project'. For her, the project started with an interest of identity and gender in the very beginning. Now, she is more interested in tendencies for children from many countries and tries to analyze them as big mechanism in our society, for instance young girls who expecially love a color of pink.

Lisa Tagesson is a young artist from Sweden. She sews drawing on textile from her own experiences when traveling and installs them. Not only her distinct drawing, but she also chooses specific textile which has tradition and history and applies them into her trip for working. Seo, Bo-ram paints both oriental ornaments and icons of extravagance on antique furniture. Their different ornaments from different viewpoint become the making of imagination in between everyday life and fantasy.

Manit Sriwanichpoom and Lee, Sang-hyun show themselves up in their works. Lee, Sang-hyun takes a picture of himself with landscape he focuses on. In his photo, he becomes an observer in order to make a distance with certain historical places. He reveals nihilism and a sense of emptyness by describing black and white landscape of historical places. For example, he begins with a story of a empire in which a defeated emperor and 3,000 court ladies who suicided for the emperor in Backma river. In Manit's work, he shows a scene of a specific and historical place. He tries to bring an issue that there is no place peaceful out and criticize violence and wa by showing himself as a 'pink man' carrying shopping-cart in his work.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Art Exhibitions in and around Seoul November 2009

(edited selection from Korea Times, Oct 22, 2009)

House in Your Head by Randi & Katrine
Gallery Factory
Nov. 7-29
Danish artist duo Randi & Katrine are fascinated by houses not just as a "framework around life, but also a picture of life, which takes place inside it." For their exhibition in Seoul, they will physically transform Gallery Factory's two-story building, giving it a new face. e-mail or visit

Oil's Other Name
YHD Projects
Through Nov. 11
YHD Projects, located in Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun, is hosting a group of exhibitions featuring works by Park Mi-sun, Lee Soo-young, Shin Sun-joo and Choi Soo-whan. Visit or e-mail

Kukje Gallery
Through Nov. 22
Drawings of the late abstract expressionist artist Joan Mitchell are the focus of this exhibition at Kukje Gallery, Sogyeok-dong, Jongno, Seoul. Visit

THIS ... Appearance
Gallery Viol
Through Nov. 13
Artists Rhee Junebok and Yunna are holding a joint exhibition at Gallery Viol, located in Wha-dong, Jongno. Visit

Frozen Desire
The Columns
Through Nov. 14
The Columns is presenting an exhibition of boldly colored works by Swiss artist Markus Weggenmann. Visit

The Imaginary Line
Through Nov. 15
DoArt has organized a group exhibition for rising Korean artists Moon Kyung-won, Park Junebum, Oh Yong-seok, Lee Yong-baek, Jeon Joon-ho, Zin Ki-jong and Choe Uram. Visit or call (02) 2287-3500.

Swedish Footprint
Korea Foundation Cultural Center
Through Nov. 7
This exhibition organized by the Embassy of Sweden in Seoul is meant to showcase the Nordic country's design and craft. Ceramics, textiles and paintings by nine Swedish artists and four Korean artists who studied in Sweden are on display. Visit

Kim Ho-deuk
Cyan Museum of Art
Through March 28
The solo show of Daegu-based artist Kim Ho-deuk is being held at Cyan Museum of Art, Hwasan-myeon, Yeongcheon-si, North Gyeongsang Province. Visit

Groupe Novembre: Paris-Seoul
The Museum of Photography, Seoul
Through Nov. 21
Photographs by Monique Cabasso, Chong Jae-kyoo, Xavier Lucchesi, Olivier Perrot, Martial Verdier and Salvatore Puglia are on display at the Museum of Photography, Seoul. Visit

Dawn of Chaos
UNC Gallery
Through Nov. 5
Hyun Ji-yong envisions a future of chaos in these dark art works, which are currently at UNC Gallery, located in Sagan-dong, Jongno. Call (02) 723-2711.

Ahn Yun-mo Exhibition
Gallery Songadang
Through Nov. 7
Ahn Yun-mo exhibits satirical works for the autumn season for his solo show at Gallery Songadang, Anguk-dong, Jongno. Call (02) 725-6713.

Retrospective of Bae Bien-U
National Museum of Art, Deoksu Palace
Through Dec. 6
A retrospective of works by renowned artist Bae Bien-U is being held at the National Museum of Art, Deoksu Palace, downtown Seoul. Bae is known for his black-and-white nature photography, particularly those featuring pine trees and groves around Korea.

European 9 Artists
Seoul C T Gallery
Through Nov.21
Seoul C T Gallery, located in Cheongdam-dong, is featuring artwork by European artists Max Uhlig, Ivo Lucas, James Larsen, Jorg W. Schirmer, Lucia Dellefant, Martin Herler, Ramon Lombart, Anton Petz and Titus Lerner. Call (02) 540-4408 or e-mail

Hair on the White Porcelain
Gallery 2
Through Nov. 7
Exquisite porcelain pieces by artist Lee Se-kyung are on display at Gallery 2. Gallery 2 is open from 10 a.m. to 6:30 pm. Visit

Korea on Foot
Gallery M
Through Nov. 4
British writer and photographer Oliver Raw is holding an exhibition of photographs of Korea from when he walked from Busan to Seoul in the spring of 2008. Gallery M is located near Exit 1 of Euljiro 3-ga, subway line 2 or 3. Visit

Organ Mix
Total Museum of Contemporary Art
Through Nov. 15
Conceptual works by Korean and foreign artists who have studied and lived in Germany are displayed in this new exhibition at the Total Museum of Contemporary Art. Eleven artists, including Danica Dakic, Klaus Mettig, Rita McBride, Lee Moon-ho and Kim Hee-seon, were invited to show their works. Visit

Prescriptions by 18 Doctors
Gallery AG
Through Nov. 13
Artists offer their unique perspective on the medical field in this group exhibition at Gallery AG, Yeongdeungpo-gu. There are two exhibitions, the first being held through Nov. 13, and the next from Nov. 16 to Dec. 30. Visit

Citynet Asia 2009
Seoul Museum of Art
Through Nov. 22
This biennial exhibition introduces works of art by Asian artists. Curators from Seoul Museum of Art, Istanbul Modern, Tokyo's Mori Art Museum and Beijing's Today Art Museum organized this exhibition. Visit or call (02) 2124-8800.

Poetic Art of Colors - Light of Heart
Yongeun Museum of Contemporary Art
Through Dec. 13
Artist Bang Hai-ja is holding a solo exhibition at the Yongeun Museum of Art. Visit or call (031) 761-0137.

Olafur Eliasson
PKM Trinity Gallery
Through Nov. 14
PKM Trinity Gallery, located in Cheongdam-dong, is hosting an exhibition of works by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. Call (02) 515-9496. The gallery is open Monday to Saturday, 11a.m.-6 p.m. Visit

Portraits of Shoes, Stories of Feet
Sungkok Art Museum
Through Nov. 8
Learn about the history of footwear at this special exhibition sponsored by the French Cultural Center. Admission is 5,000 won. Visit

Architectural Ceramic Now & New
Clayarch Gimhae Museum
Through Feb. 7
The Clayarch Gimhae Museum, located in South Gyeongsang Province, is holding its 8th Architectural Ceramic Exhibition. Participating artists include Song Jun-gyu, Hilde Angel Danielsen, Lee Jong-geun and Johannes Pfeiffer. Visit or call (055) 340-7000.

Multiple/ Dialogue
National Museum of Contemporary Art of Korea
Through Feb. 7, 2010

This yearlong exhibition brings together the works of the late Paik Nam-june and Korean-American artist Kang Ik-joong. On display is Paik's multimedia installation and Kang's installation work, made of thousands of paintings, woodcuts and drawings. The two artists may have come from different generations and have distinct artistic styles, but their art continues to enthrall. To get there, get off at Seoul Grand Park Subway Line 4, Exit 4, where a shuttle bus to the museum is available every 20 minutes. Visit

Cartoonists/writers wanted for collaborative project

We are currently looking for foreigners and Koreans who would be interested in taking part in a collaborative comic strip project.

The subject of the comics will be 'Tiger and Bear', a performance art project by James Topple and Colin Riddle based on the Korean myth of the tiger and the bear and the founding of Korea.

A lot can be said about it, but basically its two Englishmen in giant comedy animals heads, seeking a dialogue with Koreans about how their culture is changing and what place traditions have in the Korea of today as it under goes rapid modernization. You can find out more about Tiger and Bear in the links below.

One aspect of the project is that Tiger and Bear are interested in giving up control of their image by allowing others to interpret them and their project, which is where the comic comes in:

Seeing as we've had such a fantastic response we've decided we would like to get a variety of foreign artists to illustrate one 4 panel comic strip each, as opposed to choosing one artist to do them all.

Next we would like to find a variety of people, preferably Korean to come up with stories/dialogue. All they would need to do is sketch out a 4 panel storyboard with some dialogue, about anything they want. It can be funny, serious, political, sad, historical, whatever, as long as it involves the two foreigners dressed as tiger and bear.

We are still open to more artist joining the project; how the illustrators choose to portray the story and the two characters is completely free, as we would really love to have a range of different styles here and most importantly a range of different takes on the two characters.

What we then plan to do with the finished products is to feature them in online and print media such as Daegu Pockets, which is a community based magazine, in Daegu, South Korea (pretty obvious eh?). The comic strips will appear each month in both online and print versions of the magazine and we also have contacts with other media outlets, such as newspapers and popular blogs, who have expressed interest in running the strips.

Eventually we plan on publishing compendium of the comics and putting on a couple of art shows, probably in Daegu and Seoul galleries.

There will be no financial compensation at this point, primarily because we're not making any money from this, but credit will of course be given. It will also present an exceptional networking opportunity.

As it stands this could be a really fun and creative collaborative project between foreigners and Koreans. If this sounds like something you want to get involved with shoot us an email at with the subject headline 'COMIC' and join our facebook group!

*First Tiger and Bear strips have gone live! Daegu Pockets and The One One Four!*