Friday, June 5, 2009

'Share my reality' group exhibition- TV 12 gallery, Hongdae, SeoulJune 4 – 17

June 4 – 17 2009
'Share my reality' group exhibition

"Share My Reality" explores the visual dialogue that arises when two pieces of art are exhibited together, and invites the viewer to engage in this conversation.
The works prompt us to ask ”What is it like living in the world today?”, and the artworks reply with thought provoking alternative answers. Each artist is an autonomous individual who navigates a place and engages in inter-human relations, then imaginatively re-stitches the social fabric through original aesthetic treatments. The pairs of artworks thus relate to each other not just isomorphically but also ideologically.
Taken together, these "diptychs by acquaintance" work together to offer contemplation on the similarities and differences in perceptual realities created by young individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Location: Television 12 Gallery


Participating Artists
Herena Kim - SOUTH KOREA
Mike Hern - CANADA
Roxana Manouchehri - IRAN
Jeffrey Morabito - USA
Choe, Na-ri - SOUTH KOREA
Jean Rim -USA
Park, So-hyun - SOUTH KOREA
Moon, Soon-young - SOUTH KOREA


•Closest subways: Sangsu subway, Exit 2 - walk towards Hongik University front gate, and take a right when you get to the Starbucks corner. Television 12 is about 20 meters down the small street.

•Or come out Hongik University Subway exit 5, walk to Hongik University front gate turn right and then take a left at Starbucks.

Contact: Travis
Seoul Art Collective | Co President
Phone: 010-9039-1536

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