Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cross Cultural Theater Workshop, Sun. 31 May, Seoul

Root Experience theater company have had a few places become available for their initial theater workshop taking place on the Sunday 31st May.
The workshop will involve exploring stories from both cultures, looking at how these affect the way that we relate to each other. It will create a fun, inclusive and vibrant atmosphere using traditional storytelling skills from our participants, alongside improvisation, clowning and playful physical performance techniques.

The workshop will be the beginning of a series of workshops that will create the final street performance. The piece will take a humorous look at the similarities and differences that exist when Korean and Western cultures collide.

This work will be conducted by Simon Magnus, Artistic Director of Root Experience theater company. Simon is a London based theater director with 10 years experience in the industry, including a residency in a London theatre and work with London Metropolitan University. His work has ranged from interpretations of classical and modern texts to experimental physical performances.

With Root Experience, Simon has directed and produced work in both London and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He is currently in Seoul exploring how Korean and Western cultures are mingling and living side by side.

All workshops will be conducted in both English and Korean, and will take place on one weekend day.
For more information please contact, or call 010 8061 3944.

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