Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Opening and seminar- The next of Japan- Doosan Gallery and LOOP gallery Hongdae, May 14 - June 25

Japanese contemporary art exhibition ‘Re:Membering-Next of Japan’, hosted by Doosan Gallery, will be exhibited in Doosan Gallery and Alternative Space Loop from the 14th of May to the 25th of June. 5 artist’s works in Doosan Gallery(KANEUJI Teppei, ASAKAI Yoko, MINOWA Akiko, MASADA Takeshi, TAGUCHI Kazuna) and other 5 artist’s works in Alternative Space Loop(IZUMI Taro, TAGUCHI Yukihiro, HAYAKAWA Yuta, IWAI Masaru, KONDO Keisuke) are to be presented with 13 single channel works. This exhibition and the seminar will give you an opportunity to discover a cross-section of contemporary art of Japan after 90’s which is moving out of influences of contemporary art of Japan in the past, widely known for its ‘Super Flat’ and ‘Japan Anipop’.
○ Exhibition Outline
• Subject : Re: Membering - Next of Japan
• Date : May 14, 09 to June 25, ‘09
• Venue : Alternative Space Loop/Doosan Gallery
• Supervised by Doosan Gallery
• Sponsored by Doosan Gallery
• Supported by The Japan Foundation, Seoul
○ Reception
• Date : May 14, ‘09, 18:00
• Venue : Doosan Gallery
○ Seminar
• Date : May 14, ‘09, 13:00 to 16:30
• Venue : Yeongang Hall, Doosan Gallery
• Subject : Contemporary Art of Japan after 90’s

Getting to Doosan Gallery: From Exit 1 Jongno 5-ga Station (Line 1), turn left at the first alley and go straight. The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m, Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday.

Call (02) 708-5015 or visit http://www.doosanartcenter.com.
Enquiries: (02)708-5050, jinwoo.chung@doosan.com

Getting to LOOP gallery, Hongdae. Closest subway is Line 2 (green Line) Hongik University , exit 4, then 10 min walk.
See map on website (English): http://www.galleryloop.com/

○ Participant Artists
ASAKAI Yoko (photography)
HAYAKAWA Yuta (installation)
HAYASHI Yuki (single channel video)
IWAI Masaru (installation)
IZUMI Taro (installation)
KANEUJI Teppei (installation)
KOIZUMI Meiro (single channel video)
KONDO Keisuke (painting)
KUROYANAGI Teppei (single channel video)
MASADA Takeshi (painting)
MINOWA Akiko (installation)
MIZUKOSHI Kaeko (single channel video)
OKUMURA Yuki (single channel video)
SAKAKIBARA Sumito (single channel video)
SHINCHIKA (single channel video)
SUZUKI Hiraku (single channel videoi)
TAGUCHI Kazuna (photography)
TAGUCHI Yukihiro (installation)
TSUDA Michiko (single channel video)
YAGI Lyota (single channel video)

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