Sunday, May 17, 2009

First screening of local documentary film, Itaewon - Monday May 18

Hey ! It has happened! We have finally made our first short doco film !

Please join us for the first public screening

where - the Hollywood Bar in Itaewon
when - Monday 18th May (that's tonight ! )
at - 7:30pm
As it is a bar, drinks and food will be available to order
Contact numbers - Hollywood 010 8633 8565 / Brenda 010 6439 1197
Email: Hollywood

How to get there? Take exit 3 Itaewon Station past Hard Rock Cafe, walk along the main drag (away from Hamilton) mebee 50 meters. When the shops are set back from the road, look left and you will see a gaggle of restaurants eg La CIGALLE French Restaurant, hamburger joints .. look up to see ANTONIO'S; HOLLYWOOD is above on the top floor. The stairs are on the left of the building.

The purpose of this screening is to get feedback from you guys and gals - Q&A stuff where all comments will be taken very seriously.

Please send on this invite to people who might also be interested to participate.

MAYBE you'll even see your glorious self in Technicolor with full DOLBY surround sound (nah, just joshing about the Dolby stuff .. )

Hope to see you there - Brenda

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