Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exhibition opening at National Art Studio, Changdong April 30 - May 10, 2009

Title: Exhibition of the 7th Short-term resident artists, Changdong Art Studio
ㅇ Artists: Timmy Graham, Anna Daniell & Sverre Strandberg and Youngkyun Kim
ㅇ Host: The National Art Studio, Changdong
ㅇ Support: The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
ㅇ Period: 30 April - 10 May, 2009 (10am - 6pm)
ㅇ Opening Reception: Thursday, 30 April, 2009 6pm
ㅇ Place: Gallery at the National Art Studio, Changdong
ㅇ Admission: Free
ㅇ Genre: Painting, photograph and installation

Special Events:
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Selected 10 people can get two tickets for free; Indian contemporary art exhibition of "Open the Third Eye" at MoCA

Timmy Graham from USA explores the "Fourth Dimensionalism" in his oil paintings
and two Norwegian artists, Anna Daniell & Sverre Strandberg, parodies commercial contemporary
art scene through their installation work. In addition, it shows that the Korean Youngkyun Kim
develops his idea of individual who cannot help but conforming to the huge power of social system
in his photographs. These artists are short-term resident artists in the 7th residency program
2008-2009 of National Art Studio. This exhibition shows the fruits of art works created by resident
artists during residency period and short-term artists of Changdong art studio stay at the studio for
three months.

*Timmy Graham creates a new concept of "Fourth Dimensionalism" and tries to apply to oil
paintings. What is Fouth Dimensionalism? According to this artist, it is the use of actual spatial
elements for the sole purpose of creating visual imagery. Graham approaches colors scientifically,
the way a mathematician approaches numbers on the number line.

*Anna Daniell & Sverre Strandberg shows the installation "We're Only In For The Money." Two artists
assembles daily necessaries unused for arts and art materials and make a kind of sculpture. Then they
take a photography of it and displays the black/white photos with expensive wooden frame.

*Youngkyun Kim, his story begins at "the report of change of individual attitude in emotion that one
copes with social or individual obsession." Viewers can read in his photographs individuals
expressed as 'distorted self-portrait (illusion)', which means the will to try to free oneself from the
obsessive reality.

Address: 601-107 Changdong, Dobonggu,
TEL. 82 2 995 0488 FAX. 82 2 995 2638
Seoul 132-040, Korea

Getting there;
By Subway: Take Subway Line 1 or 4 and get off at the Chang-dong Station. At the outside of Exit 2, take the mini-bus line #50 and get off at Chang-dong Branch of Korea Exchange Bank (at the third stop from where you get on).
By Bus: Take the bus lines # 7, 20 or 409 bound to the Beon-dong Intersection and get off at Chang-dong Branch of Korea Exchange Bank.

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