Wednesday, April 1, 2009

VIAF Arts Festival, Yeouido , Seoul, April 8 - 12, 2009 - schedule in English

The VIAF (Various Integrated Arts Festival ) is being held as part of the Cherry Blossom festival on Yeouido from April 8 - 12. Every day from 1pm to 10pm there will be various free international art and entertainment performances at the stages set up on the street in front of the Korean National Assembly building on Yeouido.
Some schedule highlights:
*Wed Apr 8 - various opening performances from 1pm to 6pm, Stage Y. At 8pm "Pour Tarantella a venir" Stage A

*Thur Apr 9 - Time: 3pm 'Amaru' - comedy juggling - Road stage #1, 8pm "Oikado Ichiro - The kappa" at Road 1.

*Fri Apr 10 - Time: 3pm 'Solmaru - Na', and Artism - 'Flower Power' (Penny Thompson) at Road 2 (near parking space 74)

*Sat Apr 11 - Time: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm - Melissa Wyman and Seoul Art Collective "Spring Play' at Road 2, 3pm - Artism (Penny Thompson) 'Flower Power' at Road 2 (parking space 74)

*Sun Apr 12 - Time: 3pm - KoPAS 'The giving trees' at Road 1, 7pm - Paopaodo at Stage A
See the festival website for more information (Korean only)
The full schedule in English is below as JPEG files, please click to enlarge or print.


Public transport to the 2009 VIA Festival. See the subway directions below or call the travel information line (1330, press 2 for English) for more information and for directions to the festival.
Note: Please expect very large crowds on the weekend and allow extra time for travelling.

☞Period: April 8, 2009 (Wed) ~ April 12, 2009 (Sunday)

☞Location: Yeouido Park and Yeouiseo-ro areas (on the road in front of the National Assembly building )

☞Transportation: Exit #4, subway line 2, Dangsan station, 15min walk / Exit #1~3, Yeouinaru station, subway line 5, 20min walk / Exit #1, Yeouido station, subway line 5, 25min walk

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