Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2009 Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival


Saturday, April 4, 12:30-3:00 Video and Talk
12.30 Performance improvisation video with commentary by choreographer Yang Seung-Hui
2:00 Dance improvisation experience for all (student and adult)

Sunday, April 5, 4.00pm, Opening Jam and Performances
04.00-5.30 Open Jam
05.30-6.00 Free improvisation: Improvised performance
07:30pm Opening Improvisation:
- Development of Body Mass
- Sand Modern Dance Company

Tuesday, April 7, 7:30pm Crossover Improvisation
- Peurelryudeu Jazz Group & 志 Dance Group

Wednesday, April 8, 7:30pm, Group Improvisation Relay
- The Body Modern Dance Co
- Oh! My Life Movement Theater
- On & Off Dance Co
- Sound Motion Woom

Thursday, April 9, 7.30pm Theme Group Improvisation (Theme: Smiles)
- Trust Dancers
- Movement Factory
- Now Dance Co.
- Ubin Dance

Friday, April 10, 7:30pm 2 Hour Improvisation Relay
- Sylvain Meret (France)
- Makoto Matsushima (Japan)
- Paulina Mellado & Miguel Miranda (Chile)
- Kim Mi-Young
- Kim Ji-Young
- Lee Bo-Kyoung and Park Hu-Jin
- The Factory 1+1+1
- Lim Sun-Young
- Choi Kyoung-Shin
- Kim Jun-Gi and Hwang In-Sun
- Jang Eun-Jung, Lee Su-Young and Lee Yun-Chong

Saturday, April 11, 5.00pm Contact Improvisation
1:00pm Improv performances for children by MDP Group, etc.
5.00pm Contact Improvisation
- Sylvain Meret (France)
- Makoto Matsushima (Japan)
- Paulina Mellado (Chile)
- Nam Jeong-Ho
- An Young-Jun
- Lee Yong-In
- Yang Seung-Hui
- Miguel Miranda (Chile)
- Baek Jeong-Hyeon (Korea)


SUN 1-2 Jeong Hyon-Ju (children improv), 2:30-4.30 Yang Seung-Hui
MON 2-4 Yang Seung-Hui
TUE 2-4 Paulina Mellado
WED 2-4 Paulina Mellado
THU 2-4 Makoto Matsushima
FRI 2-4 Makoto Matsushima

All events and workshops are 20,000 won.
There might be a discount for multiple events and groups but we don't know that. Inquire with the festival on 02-3574-2210 and let us know if you find out anything.

1. You can use the Arko Arts Center website to pay via Interpark, but you'll need to register for that.
2. Call Interpark on 1544-1555 and give them your Check (Debit) Card number.
3. Call the festival on 02-3674-2210 or 02-3674-3310 and pay by bank account transfer on an ATM.
4. Go to Arko Arts Theatre before the event and pay at the office which is above the small auditorium. Might be the easiest option. The information desk is not at the front (that's the security man) but near the small auditorium.

All the performances are in the Arko Arts Theatre that's within meters of Hyehwa station exit 2 on the left, a large red brick building. All the workshops are in a smaller theatre that's nearby.

The Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival will be held from April 4 to 11 at the Arko Arts Theater in Jongno. Tickets for performances and workshops are 20,000 won. For more information, visit www.improvisation.co.kr or call (02) 3674-2210.

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