Friday, November 20, 2009

Art Center Nabi Seoul -upcoming talk/peformance - "juxtapose" - Nov 25, 2009

The founder of Entertainment & Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University, Professor, Don Marilline will talk about new poetics of digital generation. Start mentioning about creation of digitalism, he will also discuss its diverse usage and new way of storytelling from poetics of Aristotle to interactive narrative of Janet Jackson.

For the opening performance, there will be electroacoustic performance, ‘Juxtapose’ together with residence artist Leah Barclay from Asialink and art center nabi and korean percussionist, Yoon Sang, Choi.

Opening Performance: Juxtapose
‘Juxtapose’ is one of three major compositions completed during an Asialink residency at art centre nabi in 2009. The work is composed for janggu and live electronics and is performed by leading Korean percussionist Yoon Sang, Choi. The electronics feature sound recordings from Seoul ranging from the serenity of the Buddhist temple bells to the unnerving civil defense drill siren. Conceptually the work reveals some of the enticing sonic layers of the city and the intense contrast that exist in Seoul. All of the electronic source material has been extensive processed to create an abstract soundscape that intertwines with the surging energy of the city and whispers of the past.

Leah Barclay
Leah Barclay is an award winning Australian interdisciplinary artist. She was the recipient of the 2009 Asialink Performing Artist Residency for Korea and is based at art center nabi for three months developing a series of works integrating traditional music and modern technology. Her current work explores hybrid media and experimental sonic languages fusing the spontaneity of live performance with the infinite possibilities of technology. Since graduating from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, she has performed, published and produced commissioned works across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, India and Korea.

Yoon Sang, Choi
Yoon Sang, Choi is a leading Korean percussionist who has been involved in a diversity of projects to rearrange Korean traditional music for modern audiences. He invented the electronic hour glass drum called “super janggu” in collaboration with professor YI doneung at Seoul National University. In 2003 he founded the band “wHOOL,” an ensemble who now have an international reputation performing at leading events in France, Belgium, Netherlands and the USA.

Presenter & Organization
Don Marinelli
Professor, Don Marinelli is not only teaching at Drama of Art Department in Carnegie Mellon University but also the founder of the ETC and director as well. ETC is founded based on cooperation computer science and art department. Plus, he is also leading the ETC-Global, which has international connection in Australia, United Sates, and Japan.

Entertainment & Technology Center
Carnegie Mellon entertainment and technology global center is the organization composed of artists and technological expertise together while they are taking master course; its motive is opening of the future industry; trials are such as video game, robot science, edutainment, theme park, interactive amusement park, 4D theater, mobile game, etc. In addition, it produces sponsor project having credit on experience by working with other leading companies and organization in United States; it tries to cooperate with international companies through ETC Global.

Date 25th of November (Wed) 7:00 - 9:00pm
Venue art center nabi
Entrance Fee: free
Contact 2121-0915,

[New Theater Series]
The new theater series is the open place for the artists inside and outside of the country in which they can communicate with audience and one another as well. Various creators from the theater, movie, music, media art will show their performances, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and shows.

Location and Directions:

99 Seorin-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea , 110-110
Tel : 02-2121-0912 / Fax : 02.2121.0914
Email :

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Direction & Location by subway:
Line No.1
Jong-gak Station / Gate No. 6
5 minutes on foot towards Gwanghwamun
Line No.5
Gwanghwamun Station / Gate No. 5
5 minutes on foot towards Gwanghwamun Post Office

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