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Opening "Pink City" part 3, Eve Gallery Seoul, Nov 6 - Dec 3, 2009

What : "Pink City" international exhibition Part 3
Where: Eve Gallery, 91-25, 5F, Evezary Building,
Samsung-dong, Seoul, Gangnam-gu, South Korea
Opening: Friday, 6 Nov, 2009 at 5pm
Closing: Thursday, 3 December, 2009
Daily opening times: Weekdays 10am - 7pm, weekends 10am - 6pm
Website: (may not open on a Mac)

Getting there: By subway: Samseong station, exit 7, go straight for a couple of minutes and then turn left when you see Evezary Building. It´s on the 5th floor of that building: Gallery Eve.

Pink City consists of 6 shows including 12 artists.

Jaipur is a capital city of Rajasthan in India, where people call it Pink City. Dileep Sharma from Pink city, Jaipur enjoy experimenting the most typical and daily experiences by producing distinct figures. With gradual change by time, his progress of making every day images new comes out by tattooing humorous and odd figures of human body on India traditional clothes. He names it 'modeling tattoo' or Flash-back effect. He intends to make distinguishing border between everyday life and fantasy with his own outstanding stages in his works.
Pil-seung focuses on change of value of reproduced arts when they have value of commodities. For example, he allows his chandelier made of modeled mini toy cars to be a practical product (with practical function) and then shows it in a gallery. That is, a function of the ready-made is questionable to audiences. Value of arts in reality is sometimes vague, which he try to present.

Jannis Markopoulos from Greek works and lives in Berlin. His works are motivated by time between the present and the past. These two images conflict in one as if he tries to walk all through the present and the past. Mixed two layers already transformed to his own ideal land.
koh, A-bin brings power of shamanism out in her paintings, much related to a relationship between human and nature based on Asian community. She also pursues several experiments by researching religious allegories of the Middle ages in western and value of Shamanism in Asia. It comes with sensual images in her paintings. This two artists take two totally different allegories and often fuse into one in order to produce unfamiliar world with realistic images from both western and eastern. With their paintings, they succeed to escape from physical time.

Both Kaneko Nao and Yoon, Mi-yeon transform childhood fantasy and aspiration. Kaneko Nao paints women who wear Japanese traditional clothing with her outstanding perception on colors and composition. Her women portrait normally has uneasy gestures and stares at us, which make audiences feel far away from reality and strong. Yoon, Mi-yeon shows her ideal girls up. Her works reflect her experiences from her childhood in which she dreamed ideal girls with blond hair influenced by Barbie doll. It turns to her fantasy.

Fahrad Hussain from India illustrates people in daily life around us. His characters seem to be presented on a theater stage. They stand still, smiling but are painted by all achromatic colors with a glorious and colorful back stage. He presents paradox of people in daily life by revealing his cynical view and exaggerating characters. A metaphor of capitalism in both western and eastern appears to be 'still life' in his works.
Kim, Keun-joong is an artist who mixes two kinds of oriental paintings. His bloomedand glorious flowers are his emblem to present sense of the contemporary.

Both Markus Kiefer and Jung, Jae-ho visualize landscape by fusing nature, daily life, a view of cities and cultural circumstances. And now, documenting 'being here' is a method to preserve their individual experiences and perception. These each documents could also be a piece for re-composing their memories. Jung, Jae-ho paints landscapes with his private memories of 'being here' and video canvases for Markus Kiefer try to make a conversation with audiences by showing each different contexts.

Huub van der Loo from Netherlands allows us to visualize a city with huge pinky structures. For instance, he supposes to install enormous structures in New York. His pinky sculpture projected in reality reflects people's idea land and fantasies where there is no boundaries on certain place, culture and race. Whereas, Yoon, Jeong-mee shows difference and similarity from children with different cultures and races and presents specific goods related to children by arranging by color, for example 'pink & blue project'. For her, the project started with an interest of identity and gender in the very beginning. Now, she is more interested in tendencies for children from many countries and tries to analyze them as big mechanism in our society, for instance young girls who expecially love a color of pink.

Lisa Tagesson is a young artist from Sweden. She sews drawing on textile from her own experiences when traveling and installs them. Not only her distinct drawing, but she also chooses specific textile which has tradition and history and applies them into her trip for working. Seo, Bo-ram paints both oriental ornaments and icons of extravagance on antique furniture. Their different ornaments from different viewpoint become the making of imagination in between everyday life and fantasy.

Manit Sriwanichpoom and Lee, Sang-hyun show themselves up in their works. Lee, Sang-hyun takes a picture of himself with landscape he focuses on. In his photo, he becomes an observer in order to make a distance with certain historical places. He reveals nihilism and a sense of emptyness by describing black and white landscape of historical places. For example, he begins with a story of a empire in which a defeated emperor and 3,000 court ladies who suicided for the emperor in Backma river. In Manit's work, he shows a scene of a specific and historical place. He tries to bring an issue that there is no place peaceful out and criticize violence and wa by showing himself as a 'pink man' carrying shopping-cart in his work.

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