Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cartoonists/writers wanted for collaborative project

We are currently looking for foreigners and Koreans who would be interested in taking part in a collaborative comic strip project.

The subject of the comics will be 'Tiger and Bear', a performance art project by James Topple and Colin Riddle based on the Korean myth of the tiger and the bear and the founding of Korea.

A lot can be said about it, but basically its two Englishmen in giant comedy animals heads, seeking a dialogue with Koreans about how their culture is changing and what place traditions have in the Korea of today as it under goes rapid modernization. You can find out more about Tiger and Bear in the links below.

One aspect of the project is that Tiger and Bear are interested in giving up control of their image by allowing others to interpret them and their project, which is where the comic comes in:

Seeing as we've had such a fantastic response we've decided we would like to get a variety of foreign artists to illustrate one 4 panel comic strip each, as opposed to choosing one artist to do them all.

Next we would like to find a variety of people, preferably Korean to come up with stories/dialogue. All they would need to do is sketch out a 4 panel storyboard with some dialogue, about anything they want. It can be funny, serious, political, sad, historical, whatever, as long as it involves the two foreigners dressed as tiger and bear.

We are still open to more artist joining the project; how the illustrators choose to portray the story and the two characters is completely free, as we would really love to have a range of different styles here and most importantly a range of different takes on the two characters.

What we then plan to do with the finished products is to feature them in online and print media such as Daegu Pockets, which is a community based magazine, in Daegu, South Korea (pretty obvious eh?). The comic strips will appear each month in both online and print versions of the magazine and we also have contacts with other media outlets, such as newspapers and popular blogs, who have expressed interest in running the strips.

Eventually we plan on publishing compendium of the comics and putting on a couple of art shows, probably in Daegu and Seoul galleries.

There will be no financial compensation at this point, primarily because we're not making any money from this, but credit will of course be given. It will also present an exceptional networking opportunity.

As it stands this could be a really fun and creative collaborative project between foreigners and Koreans. If this sounds like something you want to get involved with shoot us an email at tigerandbearkorea@hotmaill.com with the subject headline 'COMIC' and join our facebook group! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=163498323007#/group.php?gid=138304734403&ref=ts

*First Tiger and Bear strips have gone live! Daegu Pockets and The One One Four!*



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