Thursday, December 3, 2009

Exhibition - Beginning of New Era- Old KIMUSA site, Seoul - til Dec 6, 2009

The first Exhibition of National Museum of Contemporary Art at Its Future Museum Site in KIMUSA

『Beginning of New Era』 Exhibition at the future site of the Seoul Museum of National Museum of Contemporary Art (the former Defense and Security Complex)
Showcases 58 artists and 300 artworks, ranging from famous senior artists such as Seo-Bo PARK, Tschangyeul KIM to young artists such as U-Ram CHOE and Kira KIM.

For more information, please visit the National Museum of Contemporary Art homepage
or call (02)2188-6000.

A. Exhibition Title : Beginning of New Era
B. Exhibition Duration: 2009. 10. 22 - 2009. 12. 06
C. Hours : 10:00 - 18:00 (10:00-21:00 on Fri, Sat, and Sun, open everyday during the exhibition)
D. Location: Old KIMUSA building - the future site of the Seoul Museum of the National Museum of Contemporary Art (see map)
E. Exhibition Type: All areas of contemporary art
F. The number of artists and artworks: 58 artists and approx. 300 works
G. Fee: free


This project brings various techniques and approaches to contemporary art into one exhibition. Organized according to their characteristics, the body of work is divided into three parts. The first part is “Museum & Art,” and shows the strength of contemporary Korean art. The second is “Museum & Society,” which focuses on the social relevance of art; and the third is “Museum & Vision,” which shows the future of art as envisioned by the artsits. This section of the exhibition includes Seo-Bo PARK (painting), Moon Seop SHIM (sculpture), Soocheon JHEON (installation), Hong-Goo KANG (photography), Geun-Taek YOO (Asian painting/ animation), Soo Jeong KIM (design), and Hoon MOON (architecture).

The Space Transformation Project will be held inside and outside of the former Defense and Security Complex (main building, basement, cafeteria, library, and surrounding space). It anticipates the transformation of the former Kimusa site born into an art museum. The participating artists include: Kyuchul AHN, Jeong Hwa CHOI, Ok-Sang LIM, and U-Ram CHOE.

The Documentary Project participants include Kyungwon MOON, the video artist, and Dong-Hyun PARK, the experimental film director. They examined the images of Kimusa that people have in their minds, and unfolded them in documentary format.

Getting there:
Closest subway - Anguk station, exit 1, 10 min walk.

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