Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Solstice Circle Song Night- Dec 21, Soul Underground, Hongdae

Winter Solstice Circle Song Night!

When: December 21st
8:30 pm - 10 pm
Where: Soul Underground, Hongdae
(No cover charge!)

Sing Circle Songs on the Solstice!

Come help me continue a Winter Solstice tradition from my hometown!

What's a Circle Song?
-It's a chant or round sung in a circle. We sing them at important events, celebrations, and at the turning of the seasons.

Why a Circle Song Night?
-Singing Circle Songs on the Winter Solstice is a tradition in my hometown. Soul Underground, a great cafe and live music venue, has been kind enough to open their doors (free of charge!) so that I can continue the tradition far from home.

No prior Circle Song knowledge or musical know-how is required. I will teach all the songs during the course of the evening. The songs are very short with simple, repetitive melodies. The only instrument is the human voice. Just bring yourself.

Who Am I?
-I am from a small fishing town (well, village, technically) in Maine in the US. The Circle Song tradition has been part of the region where I grew up for generations. I minored in Ethnomusicology in college and my mental library of Circle Songs from all over grew. Creating music this way is truly magical, and singing with other people, be they strangers or friends, on the longest night of the year, is always a blast.

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Where Is Soul Underground?
-Soul Underground is located within one minute's walking distance from Exit 4 of Hongdae Subway Station.
You can see the Seven Springs Restaurant building when you go out of Exit 4 directly in front of you. Soul Underground is in a building right next to Seven Springs. The buildng consists of 3 stories. The 1st floor is a pasta restaurant called Pavarotti. 2nd floor is a custom guitar shop called MD. 3rd floor is SOUL UNDERGROUND.
(Phone : 010 2363 3720 / 070 7672 3720)

Hope to see you there!!!

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