Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Opening 'Cultures Connect' - group exhibition - Insadong,Seoul, Dec 2 - 15, 2009

"Cultures Connect"
Jay Gallery & Na Gallery, Insadong (SK HUB PLAZA B-107/8) (near Jongno police station - see map below)
Opening 2009. 12. 2 Wed 7pm, exhibition running til Dec 15

Korea is rapidly developing into a multicultural society as well as becoming more integrated into the world community through trade agreements, security pacts and tourism. The years 2010-2012 have been designated Visit Korea Years. This exhibition is therefore both timely and relevant to the current climate in Korea.

The 18 artists taking part all live in Korea. They come from 7 different countries; speak different languages and have grown up in cultures very different from the one in which they now find themselves living. The group includes both young emerging artists as well as experienced internationally recognized artists. The ages of the artists span almost three generations, they originate from 7 countries spanning 4 Continents. The style of art ranges from modern to traditional and includes painting, print, video, photography and installation works.

Despite so many differences these artists have come together because they share a mutual interest in communicating with the world through their art in a spirit of multicultural co-operation.

Richard J. Beaumont (Curator) Email; beamrich@hotmail.com

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