Tuesday, August 11, 2009

12th Seoul Fringe Festival - Aug 13 - 29, 2009

What: Seoul Fringe Festival - Aug 13 - 29, 2009
- Period : 2009.08.13 - 2009.08.29
- Venue : Art galleries and studios in Hongdae and Seoul
- Host : Seoul Fringe Network
- Program : Indoor Art Fair, Street Art Fair, Special Program, and Delivery Program etc.
- Inquiry : Fringe Information (right next to the Tourist Information, inside 'Hongdae; station of subway line #2
- Web Site : http://www.seoulfringefestival.net/ (Korean Ok, English version still under construction...)
-Tel. +82 02 325 8150 Fax. +82 02 325 8992 (English speaking assistance available!!!)
-E-mail. seoulfringe@hanmail.net

Getting to Hongdae:
Subway Line 2 Hongik Subway, or Line 6 Sangsu station.

In front of Hong-Ik University, the place, usually called 'HONG-DAE', is the place of origin of Korean Independent Arts. It's also where underground culture or non-mainstream groups started their performance. Until today, it is known to be a distinguished place where people are allowed to express themselves as much as they want more than other places.

As befits its fame as the center for independent art, throughout August, everywhere in Hongdae will be the venue for the 12th Seoul Fringe Festival; a home to non-mainstream arts.

Fringe Festival is opened to every artist from an amateur to a professional unlike a usual art fair that sort art pieces out based on a specific criterion for an entry. It is also distinguishing character of Fringe Festival that participants work on their own art program individually but operate overall festival together.
This festival is for giving positive environment to breathe freshness into the art industry. In reality and in name, Seoul Fringe Festival can be translated into "an alternative culture festival" where we can see the creative imagination and experimental sprit of many various artists.

The history of the Seoul Fringe Festival can trace back to 1998. At the time, 'Independent Art Fair' was held for the first time under the name of 'Seeking out Korean Style Fringe', and on its 5th anniversary in 2002, it extended its scope to an international art event from a domestic one. Today, the Seoul Fringe Festival is the oldest event of these kinds in Asia, followed by Bangkok Fringe Festival in Thailand since 1999.

This year almost 300 participants including individuals and groups are taking part in this festival . Thanks to large number of artists, a lot of unique events will be displayed or played over 17 days. (Up to 165 programs will be played 359 times overall)

The festival largely consists of Indoor Art Fair, Street (Outdoor) Art Fair, Special Program, and Delivery Program. You can meet all sorts of art such as play, dance, music, performance, and mixed-art etc. All programs are ready to get joined with citizens. (The style or theme of each program is too various that we decide not to introduce any of them.)

Maybe, people are not familiar with the Independent Art. But this time, it's not necessary for you to feel uncomfortable because of its various styles. We recommend you to go to Hongdae without any hesitation in the evening of summer day when the sunset is glowing. Without limitation of the time and space, you can come across some surprisingly wonderful art pieces that stimulate your intrinsic creativity.

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