Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Art Supply Stores in Seoul - a list in the making

This is the beginning of a list of art stores in Seoul.
Contributions are welcome for other notable art supply stores. Please supply details of location, transport, opening hours etc. Thanks.

1. Hongik University Art Supply Store:

One of the biggest and best I know is the Hongik University Art store which is on the ground floor of the fancy new front gateway building at the front of the campus, (R building). You go in through the R Building front door and walk straight, right to the back, into the art store.
Opening hours: 7 days a week. 9am - 10pm weekdays, and til 8 pm on weekends. Prices are reasonable because they cater to students.

Carries: Everything! (from stationery to canvas, architectural model materials, paints, mediums, brushes, clay, plaster, print making supplies, Hanji paper, technical design materials, craft supplies, computer accessories, video tapes etc.)

There are other art stores in Hongdae but the Hongik University one is big, modern, well-laid out, carries a huge range of stock, has some staff who speak English if you need help, and is easy to find.

Public transport: Hongik University front gate is a 10 minute walk from either Line 6 Sangsu station, or Line 2 Hongik University Station.

2. HOMI art store
Another large art supply store that is famous in Hongdae but notoriously hard to find!
It is located behind the Seokyo Hotel district in the little old back street that runs parallel to the main Hongdae parking street. The store front is very small and non-descript. But there is a kind of gold statue on a pole near the front door. See map for directions.
Carries: Everything!
Opening hours: 7 days a week. open til late maybe 10pm weekdays.

Public transport: HOMI art store is a 7 minute walk from either Line 2 or 6 Hapjeong station - exit 3, or Line 2 Hongik University Station, exit 5.

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Thanks for putting this up! I can't wait to go to the art stores you recommended