Thursday, February 12, 2009

2009 Traditional Music Class for Foreigners, National Folk Museum starts March 7

This program provides foreigners who live in Korea to help them to understand better traditional culture through learning traditional instruments continuously and long-term. Classes are held at the National Folk Museum, Gyeongbok Palace in central Seoul.

◈ Program Title : 2009 Traditional Music Class for Foreigners
◈ Sponsor : National Folk Museum of Korea
◈ Period : From March. 7 to May. 30, 2009 (Every Saturday)
◈ Class & Time
① Danso Class (Vertical Bamboo Flute) : 10:00-12:00
② Samulnori Class (Percussion Quartet) : 13:00-15:00

◈ Place : Audio-visual Room, National Folk Museum
◈ Eligible applicants: Foreigners who live in Korea (20~30 people per 1 class)

◈ Programs:
A/ Danso (vertical bamboo flute)
Instructor: (Dong Seong-bon)

1.Making Danso
2.Lecture of Danso theory
4.Watching Traditional Performance

Every Saturday from March to May 10:00~12:00
(12 weeks)
Location: Audio-visual Room in NFMK

B/ Samulnori (traditional Korean percussion)
Instructor: (Oh Gwang Ryeol)

1.Lecture of traditional instruments theory
2.Learning basic techniques about each instrument
4.Watching Traditional Performance

Every Saturday from March to May, 13:00~15:00 , (12 weeks)

◈ How to Apply
ㅇ Period : 2009. 2. 2(Mon) ~ 2. 20(Fri)
ㅇ Submission Material : Application Form
(Download from the Museum's website,
send 1 copy of passport or certificate of Alien Registration by Fax, E-mail or Mail
ㅇ Address : National Folk Museum of Korea, NFMK
(Samcheongdong-gil 35, Jongno-Gu, SEOUL 110-820)
ㅇ If you have any questions or need additional Information,
Phone : 02-3704-3104 Fax : 02-3704-3149, E-Mail :

◈ Participation Fee : 30,000 won
※The payment which will be starting class (March. 7 , 2009)

◈ Program Support
ㅇ Providing textbook and score
ㅇ The instruments necessary for the lesson will be leased during the class except
for Danso (Materials for making Danso will provide all participants)
ㅇ Free admission about Traditional Performance
ㅇ After 12 weeks program, small gift will be provided (※ Issuing certificate of program)

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