Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nami Island Independence Festival 2009 - free entry for foreigners - Feb 28 to Mar 8

This information is from the : Korea4Expats website

Come and participate in the 3rd Independence Day Celebration of Namira Republic/Nami Island, INDIFEST-Be Nami Be Free from Saturday 28 February to Sunday 8 March.

INDIFEST-Be Nami Be Free is targetting the foreign community in particular and is offering the stage to foreign performers and artists residing in Korea. Various unique cultural and artistic events will be on offer.

Note: Korea4Expats is organising a group to go to the Festival on Sunday 8 March (the last day). We are planning on taking the shuttle bus from Insa-dong (see info below). If you are interested in joining us, please RSVP by Saturday 28 February to events@korea4expats.com. If we have enough people, we'll try to arrange for our own bus.

28 February: Opening Ceremony (Jazz concerts, performance party and fireworks. Fusion music - Beat Storm)
1 March: Independence Day Ceremony / Performances by KaTA and Beat Storm
1 -8 March:
- Exhibition of Naminara Republic: The 3rd Creative & Cultural Industries in Beijing 2008
- Exhibition by Foreign Artists from Australia, England, France, Spain and the U.S., including Anna Philllips, Brenda Chat and more)
- Independent Film & Music Festival
- Free Market of Artists
- Creative Workshops for Children/Students
7 March: 'Sings for Freedom' - Performances by foreign bands, free market, food courts, and more)
8 March: 'Draws the Imagination' - Creative workshops for children/students

See the Korea4Expats website for full information about transport, location etc.

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