Sunday, February 1, 2009

Art exhibition - Wander on the Sky - 63 Building, Yeouido, Seoul til March 15

The exhibition "Wander on the Sky," started last week, displaying 63 pieces of sky-themed art. More than 30 well-known artists, including Lee U Fan, Zou Wei, Andy Warhol and Paik Nam-june have their paintings, sculptures, photos, videos and installations presented.

Dates: through March 15.
Cost: W12,000 Adults/ W11,000 Adolescents, W10,000 Children
Info: Call (02) 789-5663 (if no English speaker contact the Help Line at 1330)

The website below has some introductory information in English (which will probably not open on a Mac or some browsers) and also a map in Korean which will open :

Please visit Korean website :

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