Friday, February 13, 2009

Qiu Xiaofei -'Invisible journeys' - solo exhibition - Doosan Art Gallery, Jongno, Seoul til March 26

Venue:Doosan Gallery, Doosan Art Center, Jongno, Seoul.
Dates: Feb 12 - March 26, 2009
Time: Daily 11am to 8pm
Entry: free
Qiu Xiaofei is a young artist, born in 1977 in northeastern China’s Harbin, who studied oil painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts until his graduation in 2002. He is considered to be a major rising star in the Chinese contemporary art scene.

In this exhibition we can see a variety of his works, completed over the past few years.Qiu Xiaofei's artistic practice, which includes oil and watercolor painting, three-dimensional painting-sculpture, and installation, is based on the relationship between memory and history, and the subjective nature of lived experience.

In some of his paintings we can sense a dreamlike and blurry state of memory. In fact many works are painted from photographs of the artist's own childhood in China (or his memories of old photo albums). He makes use of dim hues or monochrome color schemes, and portrays simple memories, such as a deer in a zoo, or watching clouds and water from the window of an airplane. The artist also extends his explorations of personal memory in his 'sculptural paintings'. In these he combines the techniques of painting and sculpture by painting over fiberglass and plastic forms to give a painterly feel to 3-dimensional sculptures.

His installation work tends to deal with broader themes of power, media, and social pressure, as experienced in the rapidly industrializing China of today. An example of this is his piece "Holiday Dreams" (used in the exhibition poster), in which a meat grinder spills vast quantities of pink matter onto a wooden table, perhaps a symbol of over-consumption and excess of modern times.

Qiu Xiaofei has achieved artistic success in just a few short years and has exhibited in international galleries such as Bern Art Gallery of Switzerland, the National Gallery of China, and many others.

“I hope very much, through my painting, to construct a world I know well, a history that has actually influenced me,” Qiu says.

Exhibition dates: 2009.02.12~2009.03.26
Opening times: 11a.m - 8p.m
Contact person: (02)708-5050,

Transport directions: nearest subway Jongno-5-ga station Exit 1, take the next right at the '5 ga pharmacy' and walk straight until you see the large Doosan Art Center building on your left.
See the website for map and information (in Korean):

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