Thursday, February 12, 2009

Exhibition opening 'sidescape', Ssamzie Space, Hongdae, Feb 17 - Mar 15

The artist Soun Hong is opening a solo exhibition entitled 'Sidescape' at the Ssamzie Space in Hongdae on Tuesday Feb, 17, 6pm.
This exhibition will run from Feb 17 until March 15.
Opening hours daily 11am - 7pm (closed on Sundays).
Style: contemporary painting
Admission: free

Last June, the artist Soun Hong and the well-known Seoul art development center, Ssamzie Space were invited to take part in the 'SITE', Santa Fe’s seventh international bienniale. The biennale's theme was showcasing experimental art organizations and their artists in order to highlight community spirit. For 'SITE', Soun Hong presented an installation of many small paintings clustered in unusual locations about the gallery space, and his works were very well-received by the audience

This current exhibition, entitled 'Side scape', at SSamzie Space presents Hong's series of works that were shown at the Biennale plus his new series of large-scale 'Sidescape' paintings. Hong says he believes strongly in the power of art to change the way we see the world, as individuals and as a culture.

The title of the series refers to peripheral vision, and seeing things from a different perspective. Hong's abstract, atmospheric paintings are inspired by familiar images gathered from the print media, advertising, and the Internet and portray disparate subjects such as plane crashes and elements of landscapes. He has then further experimented with the dynamics of how we can interpret paintings through his unorthodox methods of installing the canvases in the gallery such as clustering the paintings, positioning images unusually high or low, or utilizing the quirky architectural features of the space itself. In this way he creates visual relationships between the pieces that become apparent only at specific viewpoints. Combined with the artist’s deliberate loose painting style, the overall effect is ambiguous and leaves the audience with much to ponder.

Hong was born in 1959 in Seoul, and has worked in different media, ranging from printmaking to painting and installation art.

Tel: 02 3142-1693/4
Address: Ssamzie Space, 121-190 5-129 Changjeong-dong, Mapogu, Seoul
Transport: Closest subway Green line # 2, Sinchon, exit 7 or 8, or Hongik University subway, exit 4 or 5. For a map check the website (English):
or see map below:

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