Sunday, February 22, 2009

Seoul Art Collective- 1st group exhibition - TV 12 gallery Hongdae, Mar 1- 15

Name: Seoul - the City Structures
Date: March 1st - 15th 2009
Location: Television 12, Hongdae
Opening Reception: March 1st 2-7PM

Exhibition Blurb:
The Seoul Art Collective's first show of 2009 is titled 'Seoul - The City Structures' and is an exhibition of 5 contemporary foreign artists who reflect upon their experiences of living in Seoul. The group show will be held at Television 12 gallery and cafe in Hongdae from March 1st-15th. The artists have been influenced by the physical structural surfaces of Seoul as well as the latent social structures present in the city. Exhibited is a range of media including still motion video art by Ryan McLay, who examines the movement of bodily structures as they navigate through an urban environment, and an instillation piece from Mike Stewart which juxtaposes the heavy reliance upon technology as a means of communication with traditional methods of contact. Paintings from Mike Hern, Jeffrey Morabito and Travis Lee Street are also featured in the show. For Hern the city is an amazing collage covered in glass, plastic, concrete, steel and wires whose occupants fast paced lives are projected onto the buildings they pass and whose rhythmic energy spills off the edges of the canvas. People come across not as solid, singular forms, but multifaceted existences that express many realities in paintings by artist Jeffrey Morabito who captures everyday occurences like subway journeys and Hongdae at night in an emotive and abstract way, where one can empathise with the mood of the confused citizens in such a large and crowded city. Travis Lee Street's abstract paintings represent a structural ambiguity for individual and collective identities.

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