Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Don Juan" flamenco musical production - Feb 6 - Mar 8

An extravagant musical, `Don Juan', will be adapted for Korea and hit the stage from Feb. 6 at Seongnam Arts Center.
Based on the story of a legendary fictional libertine with irresistible charm, it was first staged here in 2006 and enthralled Korean audiences.
Ju Ji-hun, Kim Da-hyun and Kang Tae-eul will alternate playing the title role. The musical is renowned for its ravishing flamenco dance performances, tinged with strong Latin music. The NDPK, a local musical production company, will use a 40-centimeter thick wooden round stage to amplify tapping sounds as they dance flamenco.
The Spanish flamenco dancers and orchestra who performed in 2006 will also cooperate with the Korean actors.
It will run through March 8 at Seongnam Arts Center in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province. Tickets are from 30,000 won to 110,000 won. For details, call (02) 501-1377.
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