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Comprehensive Seoul Art exhibition list from Korea Times Jan 01, 2009

Art Exhibitions

Rubens, Baroque Masterpieces
Main Exhibition Hall 1, Sejong Center for Performing Arts
Through March 15

Masterpieces by Peter Paul Rubens, Anthonis Van Dyk, Jan van Goyen and other Flemish artists are in Seoul for the first time. The artworks are on loan from the Vienna Academy Museum. Admission is 12,000 for adults, 9,000 won for students and 7,000 won for children. Call 1544-6154.

Joan Miro: The Last Passion
Museum of Art, Seongnam Art Center
Through Feb. 22

A retrospective of Spanish artist Joan Miro is ongoing at the Seongnam Art Center. Call (02) 783-8141 or visit

We Live: In a Time of Our Own
Seomi & Tuus Gallery
Through Jan. 23

Seomi & Tuus Gallery's walls have been painted black and white to serve as a canvas for French artist Oliver Babin's minimalist works. Minimalist master On Kawara has influenced Babin who has created his own versions of ``date paintings." Seomi & Tuus Gallery is located in Cheongdam-dong. Call (02) 511-7305.

Filling in my Space
Gallery Dos
Through Jan. 13

Kim Da-young creates tiny dioramas inside light bulbs, which are on display at Gallery Dos, Insa-dong. Call (02) 735-4678.

Soonja Han
Johyun Gallery
Jan. 13-Feb.14

Circles are the main theme of Soonja Han's works. With no traces of Asian and Western influences, Han creates lively colored circles that intersect each other. Visit or call (02) 3443-6364.

Winter Collection
PKM Trinity Gallery
Through Jan. 31

PKM Trinity Gallery is holding a winter exhibition featuring interesting pieces by its artists, such as Lee Bul, Lee Sang-nam, Bae Young-whan, Jonas Dahlberg and Richard Prince. Visit or call (02) 515-9496.

Okayama Shinya Solo Exhibition
Through Jan. 17
Gallery The Chai

Young Japanese artist Okayama Shinya is attracting attention for his unique art works, which feature fairy tale-like themes. The gallery is located in Heyri Art Valley, Gyeonggi province. Call (031-942-5429).

Feel At Home, Please
Gallery Ssamzie
Through Jan. 11

Sixteen Korean artists interpret the comfort and warmth of one's home in various ways. Colorful ceramics and unique paintings are part of this group exhibition. Call (02) 736-0900(#606) or visit

A Banquet of Passion and Sensitivity
Gallery Bellarte
Through Jan. 30

``Small is Beautiful" is the theme of Gallery Bellarte's group exhibition featuring 46 Korean artists and 7 Latin American artists. Call (02) 739-4333 or email

Man, 12 Animals
Urban Art
Through Jan. 23

Ahn Yun-mo satirizes contemporary society using animals in his mixed media art works. He creates new pop art pieces featuring a black and white cartoon character. Call (02) 511-2931 or visit

Shisei Kuwabara
The Museum of Photography, Seoul
Through Feb. 21

Renowned Japanese photojournalist Shisei Kuwabara is holding a solo exhibition of his black-and-white photographs of North Korea. Visit or call (02) 418-1315.

Art Sonje Center
Through Feb. 15

Paradigm Shift curator Han Keum-hyun put together this group exhibition of works by artists Kim Gyoo-sik, Noh Sun-tag, Back Seung-woo Back, Lee Young-hoon and Jeon Jae-hong. The center is open Tuesday to Sunday 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Visit or the exhibition blog

Light & Celebration
Doosan Gallery
Through Jan. 15

Experience artworks filled with light at Doosan Gallery's final exhibit for 2008, which revolves around the theme of light. Featured are artists who use light in their works, such as Yu Hye-young, Park Zinoo, Shin Tae-ho, Jo Eun-hwan, Lee Jang-sub and Lee Sang-jin. Visit or call (02) 708-5050.

The Monster
Arario Seoul
Through Jan. 20

Rising artist Lee Seung-ae is holding a solo exhibition of his delicate depictions of monsters. Visit

Ssamzie Art Mart
Through Jan. 11

Kang Jun-young's ceramic jars and ceramic tile drawings are on display at Ssamzie Art Mart, Sssamziegil in Insa-dong. Visit or call (02) 736-0900.

Gute Besserung
Michael Schultz Gallery Seoul
Through Feb. 7

German artist Jan Muche is holding an exhibit, which features one of his works Sammlung. Visit

Kim Chong-hak
Gallery Yeh
Through Jan. 17

Kim Chong-hak is holding a solo exhibition at Gallery Yeh. Visit or call (02) 542-5543.

Great Masters of European Art: Meet Rembrandt
Hangaram Art Museum
Through Feb. 26

Art works by great European masters such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Dyck and Boucher are in Seoul for the first time. The works are from the permanent collection of the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia. The exhibit is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tickets are 12,000 won for adults, 9,000 won for youth and 7,000 won for children. Call (02) 2113-3400. Visit (English, Korean).

Gallery Space
Through Jan. 18

Kim Seung-young's installation work is unveiled as part of Gallery Space's re-opening project: Construction of Discourses. Visit or call (02) 3670-3628.

Park Hong-soon Solo Exhibition
Museum of Photography, Seoul
Through Feb. 21

Park Hong-soon is holding a solo exhibition of his black and white photography. Visit or call (02) 418-1315.

We Live/ In a Time of Our Own
Seomi & Tuus Gallery
Through Jan. 23

French artist Oliver Babin is known for his mysterious art works that feature words. Seomi & Tuus Gallery is located in Cheongdam-dong. Call (02) 511-7305.

Gallery Kong
Through Jan. 11

Intriguing photographs by Kim Sun-mee, Min Byeong-hun, Victor Schraeger and Kim Soo-kang are on display at this year-end exhibition. Call (02) 738-7776.

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
Through March 1

Park Jae-kwon is holding a solo exhibition Misterio at the Gallery 6 of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea. Visit

Who's Next in China
Opera Gallery
Open Run

The works of the next generation of Chinese artists such as Xue Song, Zhang Wei, Feng Ling and Xiong Qin are showcased at Opera Gallery Seoul. Visit

Heaven for Artists
Seoul Museum of Art
Through March 22

``Heaven for Artists" features 79 works, which show the different concepts of heaven, from the renowned Pompidou Center in Paris, France. Artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, Raoul Dufy and Marc Chagall show how they interpret heaven. Tickets are 12,000 won for adults, 9,000 won 12-17 year olds, and 7,000 won for 6-11 year olds. Closed on Monday. Visit or

I Am An Artist
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
Through March 8

The Young Korean Artists 2008 exhibit features works by promising artists such as Sang Seok-ho, Kim Si-won, Wee Young-il, Lee Jae-hoon and Che One-joon. Visit or call (02) 2188-6000.

2 Handbags in a Pickle
Arko Art Center, Insa Art Space
Through Feb. 8

German artist John Bock is presenting his new 40-minute video ``PARA_SCHIZO, ensnarled," which was filmed entirely in Korea. This is his first solo exhibition in Asia. His other videos and films will be shown at Insa Art Space every Friday at 5 p.m. through Feb. 3. Visit or call (02) 760-4563.

Va & Vient
NaLee Mecenat Art Center
Through Feb. 14

Eight French artists, such as Jean-Marie Appriou, Carole Bailly, Julia Chobert, Pierre Derrien, are participating in this group exhibit at the center, located in Gimpo City. Visit or

Li Jikai
Arario Gallery, Cheonan
Through Jan. 24

Rising Chinese artist Li Jikai is holding a solo exhibition at Arario Gallery Cheonan. He has been attracting attention for his work questioning the existence of human life. He received acclaim for his last solo show, ``Clear," at Beijing's renowned Today Art Museum earlier this year. The gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday. Visit

Power of Photography
Sungkok Art Museum
Through Jan. 11

The beauty and power of French photography will impress visitors at the Sungkok Art Museum. Twenty-one French photographers participated in the event. Visit

The Gleam of Lanterns
Cyan Museum of Art
Through April 26

Sculptor Park Choong-heum is holding a solo exhibition that explores art and design as a symbol of life. Visit or call (054) 338-9391.

Now Jump: Nam June Paik Festival
Nam June Paik Art Center
Through Feb. 5

Located in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, the Nam June Paik Art Center is dedicated to the late Paik (1932-2006) and his legacy as the ``father of video art.'' ``Now Jump,'' features not just Paik's works such as ``TV Garden'' and ``Elephant Cart,'' but also works by 113 artists and nine groups from 19 countries. Admission is 7,000 won for adults, 5,000 won for middle and high school students and 3,000 won for elementary school students. Visit

Architectural Ceramics ― OLD
Clayarch Gimhae Museum
Through Feb. 8

The Clayarch Gimhae Museum is hosting an exhibition focused on architectural ceramics by ten artists from Korea, U.S., U.K., Switzerland and Japan. The exhibition also features photographs by Belgian photographer Mark De Fraeye. The museum is located in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province. Visit or call (055) 340-7000.

Alpha and Omega
Gallery Young
Through Jan. 6

Four Korean artists are tackling the theme of `Alpha and Omega' in their paintings. Kim Keoung-seon created vividly colored art works as part of his Mataplasia series. Call (02) 720-3939.

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