Saturday, January 3, 2009

NOW JUMP, Nam Jun Paik Art Festival to 5 Feb, Gyeonggi-do

NOW JUMP, the festival's title, originates in an Aesop punchline: "Hic Rhodus, Hic saltus!" NOW JUMP is an appeal to exceed past achievements: NOW is always the time to act. An invitation or call to action, this festival also represents the ambition of the Nam June Paik Art Center to leap into the future through the NJP Festival.
NOW JUMP is organized according to the concept of 'Stations,' simultaneously encompassing a state of stillness and of motion or anticipation of motion. In our everyday experience these can be places where trains or buses regularly stop; broadcasting stations; power stations; research institutes; studios; local headquarters; habitats; social status or postures. For NOW JUMP five stations exist as concurrent initiatives: exhibitions, performances, and platforms to establish discourse

More info see website in English:
Ticket Costs:
3,000 won for elementary school students,
5,000 won for middle and high school students
7,000 won for adults.
For more information, call (031) 201-8512 or or e-mail
Directions: see attached map and directions below.

Address of Nam June Paik Art Center
85 Sanggal-dong, Giheung-gu,
Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
Republic of Korea
T: + 82 (0) 31 201 8543 (Korean)
F: + 82 (0) 31 201 8515

Visiting Information
By Bus
Fastest Transportation from Seoul
By bus app. 30 minutes, 1800 Won.
From Center of Seoul: Red 5000 or 5005 buses, stop at a red bus station in front of the KB Bank, opposite the Lotte-Department Store close to Euljiro1-ga subway station. They also stop in Hannam-dong.
From South Seoul: Gangnam Station the Red 5001 and 5003 buses to Shingal.
After the highway the second stop is the Shingal Pashulso (Police Station). From there, the NJP ART CENTER is 300 meters away after crossing the bridge.

Bus from Seoul to GyeongGi Provincial Museum
At Gangnam Station(exit no.6)
1560, 5001-1(seat bus)
At Jamsil Subway Station(exit no.6)
At Yeoeuido(through Sadang)
7007-1(seat bus)
At Gwanghwamun(through Bundang)
5500-1(seat bus)
At Nonhyeon Station

Bus from Bundang to GyeongGi Provincial Museum
At Migeum Station
5500-1(red bus) , 7007-1(red bus) , 1116(intracity bus) , 30(local shuttle)

Buses from Bundang to Luther University,7 minute walk to NJP Art Center
At Pureun Maeul, E-Mart, Hayan Maeul
At Migeum Station

Bus from Bundang to Shingal Elementary School,10 minute walk to NJP Art Center
At Ori Station

Bus from Bundang to Shingal Pachulso (Police Station)
At Yeongtong
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