Saturday, January 3, 2009

Olivier Babin Exhibition to 23 January, Cheongdam-dong, Seoul

Exhibit:We Live:In a Time of Our Own
Artist: Olivier Babin (France)
Venue: Seomi and Tuus Gallery in Cheongdam-dong
Dates: Through January 23rd, 2009

As a minimalist, black and white drapes like wet paint on the walls of a newly installed display featuring Oliver Babin’s latest works.
Like a journey through time, Babin attempts to reveal four steps towards the process of self-actualization. The first begins with a room covered in darkness. Only a glass of milk remains on a dingy shelf. It sits there as if innocent poison, like the clip inspired from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Suspicion,” were a woman finds herself in fear of intoxication by a substance waiting to render her helpless.
Welcome to simplicity with the incorporation of small phrases like, “When I was 17.” In total, seven dates are written in reverse order and known as “Pure Consciousness.”
On the second floor you’ll find four framed LIFE magazines; only one highlighting black lettering. This was a first for the magazine, as it traditionally only prints in red ink. But in the memory of John F. Kennedy Jr’s death black seemed the only color appropriate.
Strangely, Babin appears comfortable with death, as it is a reoccurring theme in works like “Hills of Eternity” and “Home of Peace.”
Braille is used in “By the Book” on the third floor where a set of white sheets are displayed but covered therefore, unreadable.
Floor four is like IKEA; you are forced to walk through each of the previous floors in order to reach your goal. He aimed at this design as a reminder to us all; life is worth a second look, a new perspective, and more admiration for what we’ve accomplished and the people we’ve strived to become.
A local of Dijon, France, Babin has studied Philosophy and engaged in a number of exhibitions in locations such as Paris, London and New York.
Getting there: See Map on website or map below.
Closest subway: Olive geen line- Cheongdam station
Tel: 02-511-7305 (if no English speaker, contact 1330)
Email: (may or may not get an answer)

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