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Invitation to Foreign Performers/Artists in Korea - Namisum festival Feb 28- March 8

Namira Republic-Nami Island will be celebrating the third anniversary of its declared cultural independence from 28 February (Sat) to 8 March (Sun).
Message from the organisers: The festival will be especially addressed to foreigners residing in Korea and we would like to offer a stage for any of those with artistic and cultural talents to explore and share their gifts with our public. Any kind of cultural events including exhibition, performance, concerts are welcomed to be presented during the festival.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Bee at

INDIFEST, 28 Feb to 8 March, Naminara Republic/Nami Island, Korea

Come and participate in the 3rd Independence Day Celebration of Namira Republic/Nami Island, INDIFEST-Be Nami Be Free from Saturday 28 February to Sunday 8 March

INDIFEST-Be Nami Be Free is targetting the foreign community in particular and is offering the stage to foreign performers and artists residing in Korea. Various unique cultural and artistic events will be on offer.

28 February: Opening Ceremony (Jazz concerts, performance party and fireworks)
1 March: Independence Day Ceremony
1 -8 March:
- Exhibition of Naminara Republic: The 3rd Creative & Cultural Industries in Beijing 2008
- Exhibition by Foreign Artists including Anna Philllips, Brenda Chat and more)
- Independent Film & Music Festival
- Free Market of Artists
- Creative Workshops for Children/Students
7 March: 'Sings for Freedom' - INDI bands Concert
8 March: 'Draws the Imagination' - Creative workshops for children/students

More details on INDIFEST will be available in February.

For information on Namira Republic/Nami Island, go to

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