Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Play- The Angel and the Woodcutter- Areumdaun Theater, Seoul Til Feb 22

This play, produced by the acclaimed Cho-In Theater company has a powerful anti-war message. Highly recommended for all audiences as it is performed in a non-verbal theater style based on a traditional Korean folk tale. It was a big hit at the last Edinburgh Festival.

Venue: Areumdaun Theater, Daehangno, Seoul (nearest subway station: Hyehwa station, exit 4, line 4)
Dates: 2008/12/30 – 2009/2/22
Days off: Mondays, 2009/1/1, 2009/1/25-2009/1/27
Times: Tuesday-Fridays: 7.30pm
Saturdays: 6.30pm
Sunday: 3pm

Ticket price: tbc (around 25,000won)

Email: choin.theatre@gmail.com

Phone: 02 949 6417
For all details see English website: www.train3.com/english/index.htm

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