Thursday, March 5, 2009

Arts and culture Contests for the 2009 Hi Seoul Spring Festival, entry closes Mar 25

Contests for Citizens as Stars of the 2009 Hi Seoul Spring Festival
The 2009 Hi Seoul Festival (2 to 10 May) includes a variety of preparatory programs designed to boost citizens' participation.

Application Period: 3 weeks from Mar. 5 (Thu.) to Mar. 25 (Wed.) 2009
Eligibility: anyone


1. A contest for the main design of "Seoul Mask," the symbol of the festival
◦ Entry Method: by mail
- 1 or 2 pages long (no more than 2 pages) description of the entry, design attached to a 36.4 x 51.2 cm presentation board
- Address: Festival Production Team, Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, 517 Cheonggyecheon-ro Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea (entries should be postmarked by March 25)
◦ Prize Money: 6 million won in total (Winners are responsible for taxes on prize money and Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture reserves the copyright to all winning works.)
2. Contest for amateur singers who will participate in various performances during the Spring 2009 Hi Seoul Festival
◦ Category: garage bands, children, seniors, housewives (performance should be shorter than 15 min.)
◦ Application Method: online (performance video clips or photos should be attached)
◦ Benefits for Participants: medal of appreciation, registered as World Vision sponsors

3. Parade Nanjang: audition for amateur percussive ensembles that will participate in the opening parade on Saturday 2 May 2009
◦ Entry Method: online (performance video clips or photos should be attached)
◦ Presentations for All Participating Teams: appearance fee

4. Hot Pink Dancing Troupe: audition for amateur dancers who will be the publicity ambassadors of the festival by dancing "Spring Breeze Dance," the symbol of the festival
◦ Entry Method: online -> open audition
① Application: online
② Open Audition: April. 1(Wed.), 2009 - desire to participate in the program and overall performing ability to be evaluated
◦ Performance Period: Apr. 18 (Sat.) ~ May 10 (Sun.), 2009
◦ Presentations for All Participants: appearance fee, souvenir T-shirt
Contact: 02-3290-7164

For more details on the Hi Seoul Spring Festival 2009, go to the festival website.

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