Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Great Hands exhibition - Gallery Hyundai, Jongno, Seoul til April 5

GALLERY HYUNDAI is very pleased to announce an unique group exhibition with a title of [The Great Hands] to present the role of Artist's hand.

This exhibition shows a range of contemporary works highlighting the great skill of artists who craft works with their hands. Materials range from granite, plastic, paper, fabric etc, often used in unusual ways.

Participating 17 artists are as follows;

Yousun Kim
Jungjoo Kim
Jimin Kim
Sangkyoon Noh
Sunghy Shin
Soogoo Sym
Bongsang Yoo
Seungho Yoo
Jongseok Yoon
Gilwoo Lee
Dongjae Lee
Jaehyo Lee
Jihyun Lee
Kwangyoung Chun
Kwangsik Jung
John Pai
Inkie Whang

More details see website:

Address: Gallery Hyundai
80 Sagan-dong, Jongro-Gu
110-190 Seoul
tel +82-(0)2-734.61 11
fax +82-(0)2-734 16 16
Opening hours:
Tue - Sun  10:00-18:00 (closed Monday)

Getting there: closest subway Orange line 3, Anguk station, exit 1 (see map)

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