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Guide to Current Art Exhibitions for April - from Korea Times

Art Exhibitions (excerpt from Korea Times Mar. 27)

Art & Synesthesia
Seoul Museum of Art
Through June 7
The Art & Synesthesia exhibition aims to give museum-goers a new experience in viewing art by allowing them to also feel, touch and smell the artwork on display. A total of 24 Korean artists have participated in the exhibition. Visit or call (02) 2124-8800.

Rama Lama Ding Dong
Atelier Hermes
Through May 12
Atelier Hermes is holding an exhibition of the collaborative works of two Korean pop artists, Meena Park and Jackson Hong. The gallery is located on the third floor of the Hermes flagship store in Sinsa-dong. Call (02) 544-7722.

stART me up!
Gallery CHA
Through April 10
Gallery Cha, located in Tongui-dong, Jongno, is hosting an exhibition featuring artworks inspired by rock legends the Rolling Stones. This is the first time Rolling Stones posters and memorabilia are on display in Korea. Admission is 1,000 won. Closed on Sundays. Email or call (02) 730-1700.

Zaha Museum
March 31-April 14
Seven Korean artists are participating in the group exhibition "Attention" at Zaha Museum. Visit or call (02) 395-3222.

Portraits of the Great Korean Imperial Family
The Museum of Photography Seoul
Through June 6
Rare, original photographs of the Joseon Dynasty's last royal family taken from 1897-1910 are displayed at the Museum of Photography. Tickets cost 5,000 won. Visit

New Acquisitions 2008
National Musuem of Contemporary Art
Through June 7
The National Museum of Contemporary Art is showing off 212 new works acquired last year and added to its already extensive art collection. Among the new acquisitions are drawings by Lee Joong-sub and photographs by Kim Il-chang and Kim Han-yong. Part One of the exhibition runs through June 7, and Part Two runs June 16-Aug 30. To get there, get off Seoul Grand Park Station, line No.4, exit 4. Visit

Karsh 100
Hangaram Art Museum
Through May 8
This exhibition features renowned photographer Yousuf Karsh's iconic portraits of some of the most famous and influential people of the 20th century. Among the portraits on display are those of Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, Jacqueline Kennedy and Pablo Picasso. Tickets are 8,000 won. Visit To get to Seoul Arts Center, get off at Nambu Bus Terminal Subway Line 3, Exit 5.

From Yeonhui-dong
Yeonhui-dong Projects
Through May 17
Ten Korean artists, including Bae Joon-sung, Cheong Kwang-ho, Hong Sung-chul and Hong Sung-do, are participating in a group exhibition at Yeonhui-dong Project in Seodaemun. Visit

Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art
Through April 5
Swiss artist Christoph Rihs tackles the relationship between the outer appearance of trees and their special attributes in a series of photographs, combining a multitude of images in a new broken mirror-like style. The Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Gwangju City, Gyeonggi Province. Visit or call (031) 762-4189.

Seogyo Sixty 2009
SangSang Madang
Through May 10
Seogyo Sixty is an art festival featuring works by passionate young artists held every year at SangSang Madang meant to showcase artistic direction and youth culture in Hongdae. Visit or

The Great Hands
Gallery Hyundai
Through April 5
This exhibition is a showcase of the painstaking effort of 17 Korean artists in making their art. Lee Dong-jae carefully applied thousands of crystals to create Buddha's image, while Noh Sang-kyoon placed countless blue sequins on a canvas. Visit

Beyond the Dream
Gallery Jant
Through April 7
Seven young Korean artists are showing their colorful works in a group exhibition at Gallery Jant in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province. Call (031) 8022-5424.

Lee Seon-woo
Gallery Miso
Through April 2
Lee Seon-woo creates pretty rural landscapes in spring. The gallery is located at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel. Call (02) 564-2076 or email

Gana Art Gangnam
Through April 5
Artists with visually similar styles are paired together for this exhibition. Works by noted artists Damien Hirst and Ron Arad, as well as Korean artists Ko Young-hoon and Kim Kang-yong, are on display at Gana Art Gangnam. Call (02) 512-1650. For more information, call (02) 512-1650.

A House of 2.6 Square Meters
Gallery Space A
Through April 26
Sculptor Ahn Kyu-chul sends a message about the greed that is dominant in today's society through his first solo exhibition in five years. The houses on display contain minimal necessities for survival. Call (02) 3670-3628 or visit

In the Shadow of the Flame
Gallery Em
Through April 18
New Zealand-born Dutch artist Dylan Graham makes exquisite hand-cut paper works. This exhibition at Gallery Em in Cheongdam-dong is Graham's first in Korea. Call (02) 544-8145 or visit

On Every Border Flower Blossoms
Daejeon Museum of Art
Through May 22

Daejeon Museum of Art welcomes the spring season with a special exhibition featuring sculptures, paintings, media art and installations by Kim Hong-joo, Kim Hae-min, Rim Dong-sik, Jung Kwang-ho and Hong Myung-seop. Call (042) 602-3252.

A Message From Spring
Yongeun Museum
Through April 5
Welcome the new season with fresh art works by up-and-coming artists at Yongeun Museum, located in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province. Visit

3.15 Art Center
Through April 14
This video and photography exhibition features 19 Korean and foreign artists including Park June-bum, Kim Se-jin, Lee Min-ho, Jean-Gabriel Lopez and Wu Shang-lin. The art center is located in Masan, South Gyeongsang Province. Visit or call (55) 220-6670.

Multiple/ Dialogue
National Museum of Contemporary Art of Korea
Through Feb. 7, 2010
This yearlong exhibition brings together the works of the late Paik Nam-june and Korean-American artist Kang Ik-joong. On display are Paik's multimedia installation and Kang's installation work that is made of thousands of paintings, woodcuts and drawings. The two artists may have come from different generations and have distinct artistic styles, but their art continues to enthrall people. To get there, get off at Seoul Grand Park Subway Line 4, Exit 4, where a shuttle bus to the museum is available every 20 minutes. Visit

German Figurative Art
Die Gallerie
Through April 3
Die Gallerie is opening in Seoul with an exhibition featuring works by leading German figurative artists such as Gerhard Richter, A.R. Penck, Markus Lupertz, Eckhard Kremers and Volker Stelzmann. Die Gallerie is located in Cheongdam-dong. Call (02) 3447-0048.

The Gleam of Lanterns
Cyan Museum of Art
Through April 26
Sculptor Park Choong-heum is holding a solo exhibition that explores art and design as a symbol of life. Visit or call (054) 338-9391.

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