Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Exhibition Opening: Seogyo Sixty 2009: The Game for Respect, Sangsang Madang, Hongdae Seoul. Mar 7 - May 10

What: Seogyo Sixty 2009: The Game for Respect
Where: SangsangMadang Gallery 2F, Hongdae, Seoul
You are welcome to attend the opening of this large group exhibition for young Korean artists, this Saturday, March 07, 6PM. There will be an opening event/performance.
Exhibition dates: Part 1- Mar 7 - April 5

About exhibition:
SeogyoSixty is an art festival which presents a chaotic arena filled with the images of passionate and energetic young artists that takes place at Sangsangmadang. The exhibited work has been carefully selected from entries from visual artists of various genres. The exhibitions is designed to measure and test the direction of artistic, youth culture in Korea and give the audience sense of Hongdae’s unique, cultural energy.

Contributing Artists
Part 1:
Gu Minja, Koo Hunjoo, Kim & Hyun, Kim Saebyuk, Kim Seungtaek, Kim Jimoon, Roh Jungyun, Lye Hyunmi, Moon Moowang, Park Jaeyoung, Park Cheonwook, Back Hyunhee, Sata, Sin Donggeun, Yun Sunggi, Yileghkheri, Lee Moonho, Lee Miyeon, Lee Yeleen, Lee Yousun, Yiida, Lee Jaehoon, Lim Sodam, Chang Sungeun, Jeon Jieun, Jung Yunhee, Cho Hyejeong, Choi Chongwoon, Choi Jiyoun

Note: Part 2 of the Seogyo Sixty exhibition will open on April 10, Friday at 6pm and run til May 10.
Part 2 Artists:
Kwak Cheoljong, Koo Hyunmo, Kwon Sengwoon, Kwon Soonyoung, Kim Seungyeon, Kim Aejung, Kim Youngsaok, Kim Woonyoung, Kim Yunjae, Kim Eunsoo, Kim Jungok, Kim Hyena, Moon Junghyun, Park Byounglae, Bahc Yeongju, Park Jihye, Byun Junghyun, Woops, Lee Sunkyung, Lee Jaebum, Lee Jongmi, Lee Jooyoung, Lee Junyoung, Jeanie Lee, Cho Moonki, Cha Donghoon, Chun Youngmi, Choi Kichang, Chu Mirim, TW, Han Yeonggwon

For more information contact : Park Sohyeon (speaks English) T. 02-330-6224 F. 02-330-6247 C. 011-9922-7308
See exhibition website:
Address: Gallery Sangsangmadang
2F, 367-5 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Tel: 02-330-6223 Fax: 02-330-6247
Open Hours 1:00pm – 10:00pm (Closed on First Monday of the Month)
Admission: Free
Information Desk: A general introduction to the exhibition and the 60 participating artists will be provided on the 2st floor Gallery.
Docent Program: 5:00pm weekends (starting from the 2nd floor)

Directions (see map)
Line no.2 to Hongik Univ. Station (way out 5), or Hapjung (way out 3)
Line no.6 to Sangsoo (way out 1)

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