Friday, March 6, 2009

Exhibition - Michael Craig-Martin- PKM Trinity Gallery, Seoul - February 26 - March 31, 2009

Irish artist, Michael Craig-Martin is having a solo exhibition of paintings at PKM gallery in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. The works are seemingly simple, colorful images of everyday objects, in what one might call a 'pop' art style. Craig-Martin doesn't call himself a pop artist but he acknowledges the irony that his paintings look mass produced, when in fact they entail a lot of work. First, he sketches his ideas on paper, then finalizes it on a computer. The image is then projected on a canvas, where he uses black tape to outline the image. He uses layers of color paint, without mixing or diluting it.

Craig-Martin, who has a bachelor's and master's degree in Fine Art from Yale University, is widely considered as the "godfather'' of the Young British Artists.' The YBAs were a group of rising artists that included Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas and Gary Hume, most of whom studied under Craig-Martin at the Goldsmiths College in London between 1994 and 2000.

"I never wanted students to make works that look like my work. But I did want to influence what they thought about art. I thought that the center of each artist's work is his own ability and character. Very often students have little confidence.
I tried to encourage them. … I found most interesting were students with little talent but enormous desire to be an artist. To be an artist, they had to find something inside themselves to be their art,'' he said.

To get to the exhibition, get off Apgujeong Station Subway Line 3, Exit 2. PKM Trinity Gallery is located near the Galleria Luxury Hall.
Visit or call (02) 515-9496.

79 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, 135-954 Korea
Tel: +82 2 515 9496
Fax: +82 2 515 9467
Hours: Monday to Saturday: 11am- 6pm
Sunday: closed

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