Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cherry Blossom festival, Yeouido, Seoul, April 3 - 18, 2009

Every year nearly 4 million people visit the Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, one of the most famous festivals in Seoul. This year, the festival is scheduled to run for 16 days, from April 3 (Friday) to April 18 (Saturday). The theme of this year’s festival will be ‘flowers that bloom from the sky’, and various performances, exhibitions, and events will take place throughout the Yeouido Park and Yeouiseo-ro areas. During the festival period, visitors can admire gorgeous spring flowers such as cherry blossoms, azaleas, forsythias, and royal azaleas set against the backdrop of the Hangang River.

There is also an international arts festival called the VIA festival (VIAF). Between April 9 -13, visitors will also be able to enjoy a number of famous performances and works of art by skilled artists from all over the world. A highlight of the festival will be ‘For Tarantella’, a unique collaborative performance by three performing arts companies from Korea and France, and around 100 other performances will take place during the festival at locations along the cherry blossom roads. Seven performing arts companies have been specially invited from the United States, France, Japan, and other countries, and many companies from Korea will also take part in the festival.

Convenient public transportation is available to the <2009 Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival>. Please visit the links below or call the travel information line (1330) for more information and for directions to the festival.

☞Period: April 3, 2009 (Friday) ~ April 18, 2009 (Saturday)
☞Location: Yeouido Park and Yeouiseo-ro areas (behind the National Assembly building)
☞Transportation: Exit #4, subway line 2, Dangsan station, 15min walk / Exit #1~3, Yeouinaru station, subway line 5, 20min walk / Exit #1, Yeouido station, subway line 5, 25min walk
☞Programs: Opening ceremony, parade, live performances (47 domestic and international performance companies; all free of charge; “Fringe” team, and more), exhibitions (flower decoration exhibitions, travel photography exhibition, composition contest, poetry recitals, etc.)
☞Travel Information Telephone: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
☞Homepage: (English)

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